Tourism in California

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Climate and attractions in California

California is considered one of the leading travel destinations in the United States, as it was classified in 2004 as the third largest business in the states, and for this the state adopted a marketing law for tourism in California, where the state receives nearly 4 million international visitors per year, and many visitors from different regions of the world The climate is considered an attractive factor for tourism in California, where its climate is characterized by mild and sunny, and its possession of various natural landscapes, such as: the coast of the sea, mountains, and desert that attract tourists to it, as the regions of Los Angeles and San Francisco are known as the most popular areas for tourists and for dining M, in addition to the unique cable cars available in the city, museums, opera house, and bridge bridge that California is famous for in addition to many other areas.

The most famous areas to visit

National parks

Numerous national and government parks that can be visited in California have been dedicated to, and examples include Yosemite National Park, which is famous for its granite slopes and biodiversity, and Redwood National Parks which are home to large redwood trees, in addition to It is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the Death Valley National Park is a hot and attractive area.


Many museums can be visited in California, such as: The Getty Center, which displays many art drawings since the European era of the nineteenth century, and many sculptures and illustrated manuscripts. Also, you can visit the De Yong Museum of Art. Young) which displays decorative arts and crafts, and the San Diego Museum of Art (English: San Diego) exhibits artworks from the Italian Renaissance, as well as many Spanish Baroque artifacts.

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is one of the largest sidewalks located at the foot of Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica in California, and it has a beautiful entrance, and is a familiar landmark among residents and tourists, it was opened for the first time in 1909 AD, and it has a park overlooking the ocean, It is considered one of the main attractions along this sidewalk.

the Golden Gate Bridge

The height of this bridge is about 227.3 meters, and its width is about 27.4 meters. This bridge links San Francisco County with the northern provinces of California. This bridge was officially opened in 1937 AD and became one of the most famous symbols in the city of San Francisco and California.


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