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Sightseeing in Cannes

The French Cannes offers a unique and varied tourism pleasure for all its visitors from inside and outside France, due to the city’s charming French nature that spreads among its alleys and beaches and its distinctive architectural construction, which made it one of the important destinations for the wealthy and famous tourists because it provides them with luxurious services in degrees. High in sophistication in its various hotels and tourist facilities.

Old Cannes

The old Cannes is considered a town of the traditional French character, as it expresses the most important manifestations of the ancient French heritage, and one of the most famous features of the old was the Caster Square, which is one of the most famous squares in Cannes, and is considered the central point of Cannes, given what it contains a large number of restaurants in a calm atmosphere Away from the chaos of the city, which locals frequently visit for rest and relaxation.

Cannes Yachting Port

The yacht port is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Cannes, because it contains many types of yachts and boats that are lined up in succession. The port also overlooks a number of islands, allowing tourists to enjoy the scenic natural scenery of these islands, which is only 15 minutes from the port Among the most famous of these islands are the island of San Margaret, and the island of San Honoro, which are famous for their thick cover of pine trees and lavender flowers that are used in the production of perfumes.

La Croisette area

This region attracts large numbers of tourists looking for high-end sessions, international cuisine, and luxurious restaurants, which are widespread in addition to the luscious beaches, hotels and various commercial markets.

Martinaz Beach

Martina’s beach is described as the most important and largest beach in Cannes, and the most popular and visited by locals and tourists, because of its moving and safe waters that provide the opportunity to surf for amateurs, away from the risks and problems within the moderate speed beaches.

Lasoke neighborhood

There is a neighborhood of La Suquet near the La Croisette area, which makes it easy for tourists to reach. The neighborhood is characterized by being the oldest neighborhood in Cannes, which provides many recreational activities for tourists and visitors, as it has a large number of shops with international brands, which offer a unique pleasure for tourists who want to shop .

The La Mer Museum, France

The museum is located on the island of Sainte-Marquette, 1 km from Cannes, which preserves private marine treasures in Cannes, often represented by ancient shipwrecks and cargo that was loaded with them.

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