Tourism in Cape Town

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Cape Town

It is one of the cities in the state of South Africa, and the city occupies the third rank among the most populous urban areas in the country after the cities of Johannesburg and Durban with a population of 450 thousand people, and it is located on a total area of ​​400.28 square kilometers, and is the seat of the National Parliament and the legislative capital of the country And one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and this contributes to reversing its role as a main destination for immigrants and expatriates, and the city is located on the shore of the Gulf of Table, located between latitude 33.55 degrees to the north, and 18.25 degrees to the east.

the climate

The city is affected by the warm Mediterranean climate during the summer, moderate and humid during the winter, as the winter lasts from June to August; the month witnesses large cold fronts coming from the Atlantic Ocean with rain and high winds, and the minimum temperature reaches during the season Winter reaches 8.5 ° C, while summer begins in December through March, and minimum temperatures during summer reach 16 ° C, and average water temperatures reach 10 °.

Tourism in Cape Town

The city is one of the most popular international tourist destinations in the country, due to its mild climate, natural environment, and advanced infrastructure, and the most famous tourist sites in the city are:

  • National Park (Table Mountain): It is distinguished by its containing a rare series of vegetation, and for this reason the responsible authorities turned the site into a garden for the protection of the natural environment developing on it in 1998, and the most famous rare plants are Protei, Erica, Eustio, and Australia.
  • Cape of Good Hope: It is located at the southern end of the African continent, which is a watershed point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and was discovered by the Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Diaz in 1488 AD.
  • Clifton: It is one of the high-end neighborhoods containing the most expensive real estate in the country, because the neighborhood overlooks cliffs that have a fascinating view of the eyes of the Atlantic Ocean, and the neighborhood contains four beaches equipped with many tourism services, and the beaches are characterized by being filled with beautiful granite rocks with white granite sand.
  • Groot Kirk: It is one of the oldest churches in the country, and was built by Dutch Protestantism at the request of Hermann Sejweti in 1841 AD, and was later restored with all its parts except the tower.
  • Po Cap: It is one of the most attractive areas for tourists in the city, and it is located on the foothills of the Signal Hill in the city center, and is considered a historical center of the cultural city of Cape Malay.


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