Tourism in Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai Province (Chiang Mai) is located in the north of Thailand, on the banks of the Ping River, and along the Shan Province from the northern side, and it is one of the most important cultural regions in the country. It is also the second largest province in Thailand, with an area of ​​20,107.0 square kilometers, and inhabited by approximately 1,649 .457 people according to the last statistic conducted in the year 2005 AD.
The province was distinguished by its ancient history; it was the capital of the Kingdom of Lana in 1296 AD, and then it became part of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya in 1599 AD, and there are many traditional Thai temples in the province.

Tourism in Chiang Mai

The distinctive geography and ancient monuments are considered one of the main reasons for attracting tourists to it continuously and in large numbers, as they contain many mountains and green hills, and a group of dense forests and rivers, temples, in addition to that the country has created large numbers of hotels and resorts, the number of which was estimated at more than 33 thousand, and its goal is to serve the tourist.
The number of tourists to it reached more than five million annually, which increased the financial income of the state and made it look forward to greater ambitions to increase that number, as the governorate administration sought to host the World Expo for the year 2020 AD.

The most beautiful tourist places in Chiang Mai

Among the most beautiful areas, places and tourism in Chiang Mai include:

  • Mai Sa Butterfly Garden: It is a garden that includes large numbers of different butterflies of distinct colors, and the garden is considered one of the most attractive places for children and families.
  • Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden: It is a garden that contains many plants that visitors enjoy the view, in addition to conducting many studies and researches on them, and the garden was opened in 1992 AD.
  • Wat Xidi Luang Temple: It is one of the oldest temples in the province of Chiangmai, and it is characterized by its impressive building, which admires everyone who saw it. Lessons are offered in the temple to learn English, in addition to the availability of schools for monks in it.
  • Old town: It is the oldest place in the province, and is characterized by the presence of fortified red trenches, and a group of old houses and temples, and there are museums that contain the ancient ruins of the region, as well as small cafes to provide comfort for the tourist and help him to enjoy his trip, and what is unique in this town is that the tourist can rent a bicycle to drive And walk around the town halls.
  • Mizza Valley: It is a valley characterized by its greenness and the presence of mammals, especially elephants. There, elephants are trained in strange and recreational movements, which increases the enjoyment of the tourist when seeing that animal as he performs these exercises and movements.
  • Archaeological Garden of Flowers: The garden contains thousands of types of flowers found in a wonderful and distinctive format that dazzles everyone who sees it.


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