Tourism in Chicago

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City of Chicago

Chicago is one of the most important cities in the United States of America, and it occupies the third rank in terms of its population, and it is one of the most important tourist cities that enjoy beautiful and picturesque scenery, which comes to visit large numbers of tourists from all over the world, and in this article we will show the most important places Tourist in Chicago, which is worth visiting by visitors, given the ignorance of many in the most important tourist places in it.

Tourism in the city of Chicago

There are many tourist cities in Chicago that attract tourists from all over the world:

Lincoln Park Zoo

This park is located in the city center of Chicago, and it is one of the green public parks, the visitor enjoys many things in this garden, such as seeing different types of animals, and the activities that you do such as climbing trees and the sounds of different sounds, and enjoy tropical rain forests and forests of a dry nature The plains which are characterized by its vast herbs, and this garden is suitable for tourists who accompany children.

Aquarium was constructed

This aquarium is characterized by its large size, as it is one of the largest fish ponds in the world as a whole, and contains many fish of various shapes and colors, and many dolphins and whales, and it is one of the closed ponds that cannot be accessed by the fish in it, in addition to many places That contain water, and this basin includes many birds and mammals, and what distinguishes this basin is the presence of a huge exhibition of different types of sharks.

Devon Ive

This place is distinguished by the fact that it contains many things that belong to different cultures, such as the Indian and Pakistani culture, and this was observed through the presence of many clothes and jewelry that belong to these two cultures, in addition to the establishment of a show that is prepared annually, attended by large numbers of spectators and their number is estimated to be Over thirty thousand spectators every year.

Millennium Park Chicago

This park is one of the most important and most recent tourist attractions and places in Chicago, and it occupies a large area estimated at 24.5 hectares, and the buildings in this park are modern buildings that were built between the years 1997-2004, and a large number of tourists come to visit this place.

The small village of Pilsen

This village is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Chicago, and it is distinguished for containing the culture that belongs to Mexico, in addition to the presence of the Mexican Art Museum, and a lot of restaurants that serve distinctive Mexican food, and the most visited people who visit this place are those who prefer Mexican culture, food and atmosphere.


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