Tourism in Colombia

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Colombia and its capital, Bogota, is one of the Latin American countries specifically in the northwest region, and it overlooks the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean at the same time. Colombia occupies an area of ​​1,141,748 km2, divided into six main regions, namely the coastal region, the mountainous region, and the Caribbean , The Amazon rainforest, and the plain region, as well as a group of islands and archipelago, and its origin is from the traveler Christopher Columbus.

Excursions to Colombia began by the Spaniards in the year 1500 AD, and among the most prominent travelers was Christopher Columbus and Gonzalo Jimenez, and they built many cities in those areas, and then many Spaniards began heading to Colombia, and some of them carried diseases that the Colombians did not have immunity Against it, like smallpox, which led to the death of many of them, the Spaniards settled in Colombia in the sixteenth century, and they began bringing African workers to the country.

History of Colombia

Some ancient ruins have been discovered in some areas in Colombia, which dates back to the year 2000 BC, and many civilizations and tribes lived on its land, such as the Paleo Indians, but the Muesca and Tayrona tribes in addition to the Kembaba are the indigenous tribes in Colombia, who were working In the field of cultivating potatoes, corn, and cotton, in addition to making pottery and pottery, which they were trading.

The indigenous people began planning revolts aimed at independence from the Spanish in the year 1810 AD, but they were weak at first, but in the year 1819 CE, Simon Bolivar led a revolution in which the Spanish were defeated and independence was proclaimed, and Bolivar became the first president of Colombia.

Tourist in Colombia

Colombia is ranked third among the countries of South America in terms of the number of tourists who visit it annually, due to its picturesque nature, its beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean, its green forests, and the following are the most important tourism monuments in Colombia:

  • Tayrona National Park: It is located in the northern coastal part of Colombia, which contains many attractive landscapes, wild animals and rare birds.
  • Cartagena: It contains many museums and Spanish buildings, which are characterized by bright and loud colors.
  • Popayan: It is located in the southwestern part of Colombia, and was founded in the year 1537 AD. It is called the White City, in relation to the white buildings in it. The prevailing climate in this city is moderate and its climate is calm, which would attract many tourists to it, especially families. This is apart from the oldest church, which is de Armita.
  • San Agustin: It contains the Augustin Archaeological Park, which contains many statues and antiques carved in the form of animals and humans.
  • Villa Delva: It is considered one of the largest arenas in Latin America, and it is the seat of many festivals, and it reflects in its design a culture of culture and made it look like Andalusia.
  • Bogota: It is the Colombian capital, and one of the largest cities in it, as it includes many tourist places such as restaurants, museums, the most important of which is the Gold Museum, in addition to many churches.

Climate in Colombia

The climate in Colombia is divided into four regions:

  • Hot lands: the summer temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius, and in winter 24 degrees.
  • The temperate lands: which enjoy a moderate climate, suitable for cultivation.
  • Cold lands: the temperature ranges between 10 to 19 degrees Celsius.
  • Andean region: controlled by freezing temperatures, which are always snow.

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