Tourism in Colombo

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Tourism in Colombo

The city of Colombo is one of the tourist cities that captures the heart of its headmaster, and enjoys the streak of its visitors, and has a diverse mix of culture, wildlife and animal life, and contains the largest port in the State of Sri Lanka, as it is the largest city in it, and contains many tourist places, some of which will be mentioned in this article .

Sigiriya Castle

Citadel of Sigiriya is a tourist attraction in Colombo, a castle built with rocks arranged in an ingenious engineering style, skill, meticulous precision and distinctive wall work.

The fort

It is the central area of ​​the city of Colombo, which had vestiges of colonial fences but was demolished some time ago or merged into new buildings, but it still retains the old character through its buildings dating back to the British period such as the old parliament building and the president’s house which is still called the Queen’s House Often the Victorian era, and an ancient stone façade of a shop dating back to the nineteenth century.


The city of Colombo is one of the coastal cities located in the southwestern side of the State of Sri Lanka, and its importance lies in what it contains of the port is one of the largest human ports in the whole world, and the port has played a large role in trade throughout history as it was home to Arab, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch trade and is characterized by a city Colombo with its rich history that mixes Dutch and British colonialism, and is the main economic center of the country of Sri Lanka is home to many different industries such as cutting gemstones, chemical manufacturing, textiles, clothing, cement, glass production and Preparing various foods, as well as being home to all the important government institutions such as the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in addition to embracing the President’s home and the ministries of finance and foreign affairs, justice and defense.


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