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The most important tourist places in the Comoros

The unique nature of the formation and formation of the Comoros has contributed to directing the attention of global tourism towards it, due to its pleasant climate, moderate climate throughout the year, as its temperature fluctuates from 22 degrees to about 35 degrees, in addition to its high mountain highs, some of which reach 3400 m above The sea, the most important of which are the mountains of Kertala and Kartala, and its tropical forests, which are safe for trips and safaris, where rare types of fragrant and fragrant flowers are spread, as are devoid of predators, and its deeply rooted folklore, which is still widespread among most of its inhabitants, provided its own heritage character, similar to that The Prevalent in the regions of Yemen and Oman in terms of folk dress and some Arab customs and traditions.

Big Moon Island

The Grand Island is considered one of the most important destinations in the Comoros, which attracts nature lovers, adventures and safari trips, as it contains one of the largest active volcanoes on Earth, and Kartala Mountain on the altitude of 2360 m, characterized by its mountains of desert nature, in addition to the island containing some cities with Arab flavor Chief among them is Naz and Moroni.


Mayotte is independent in its rule from the other Comoros Islands, as it continues in its system of rule to France, which occupied all regions of Comoros in the past, Mayotte is distinguished by the huge coral reefs scattered about 160 miles of its coast, which is the main factor to attract tourists towards it. In addition, it contains a shallow lake with an area of ​​100 km 2.

West Comoros

These islands may be devoid of huge hotel services and tourist facilities, but they are a suitable place to take enjoyable and beautiful adventures within their forests and nature, where tourists can enjoy one of the distinct safari trips in its vicinity.

Moheli Island

Although it occupies the lowest area between the rest of the other Comoros, it attracts the largest number of tourists who want to get to know the Comoros, due to its soft white sandy beaches, and the clear and pure water extending along its coasts, as it is characterized by the abundance of green turtles that head towards them in seasons. Mating to lay eggs in its sand.

Obstacles to tourism in the Comoros

  • The security instability, which has caused a lack of security and safety, which worries many tourists when they want to go.
  • The lack of luxury tourism facilities, due to the fact that the Comoros is one of the poorest countries in the world, and its inability to develop and establish competitive tourism facilities in the world, with the exception of some facilities that belong to foreign investors.

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