Tourism in Costa Rica

المسافرون العرب

Costa Rica

The name Costa Rica indicates its importance on the tourist map, as its meaning indicates the rich beautiful beaches, which describe the country in a realistic way because of the rich and varied environment between beaches, forests and water springs, which made Costa Rica one of the important tourist destinations for those looking for the beauty of nature and the environment Unique in composition.

Tourist places in Costa Rica

The city of San Jose

It is the official capital of Costa Rica and its most important city, as it contains a large number of museums full of precious and archaeological contents, and one of the most famous museums is the Gold Museum, which contains many golden artifacts dating back to the year 700 AD, and the city also contains a huge garden for mattresses and a gallery of followers of stones The National Museum building, which was previously a great castle, in addition to the capital contains one of the most beautiful coffee orchards in Costa Rica, which is considered the most productive crop in the country.

Natural parks

Costa Rica contains many parks that are distinguished by their distinctive flora and fauna nature, and these parks contain a group of diversified birds, and the most beautiful of these parks are:

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  • Cocos Islands Park, this park is located on the UNESCO National Heritage List, and one of the candidate areas to be among the list of seven wonders of the world, and what distinguishes this park from others is its extension on an independent island in the ocean, and it contains more than 400 waterfalls spread within its water bodies that abound It contains dolphins and fish, but his visit requires an official visa from the Costa Rican authorities.
  • Corcovado Park, there are about 350 different species of birds, 116 species of reptiles, in addition to more than one hundred varieties of mammals between monkeys and tigers, which live within the tropical forests spread in it, in addition to rivers and sandy coasts, as the park contains It has many areas designated for tourists and visitors.


Costa Rica contains a number of beaches that are diverse in nature and distinct from each other, due to the fact that some of them fall within the coasts of the Pacific Ocean and others fall within the coasts of the Caribbean Sea. The most famous of these beaches are the following:

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  • Manuel antonio beach, which provides the tourist with a set of water activities between diving and rafting, and the tourist can wander in the park near him and enjoy a picnic on the suspended bridges in its forests, with the ability to ride horses and head towards the vanilla farms located there, and enjoy eating from a restaurant Located near farms and overlooking the beach.
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