One of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, occupying an area of ​​8,400 square kilometers. It includes some of the most beautiful constellations in Europe, as well as a series of wonderful caves.
Climate of Crete: It has a moderate Mediterranean climate, with minimal wind, especially on the southern coast. Temperatures are the lowest in mainland Greece.
Major activities in Crete:
Crete is divided into several main tourist areas, each offering great activities, including:
Heraklion: became the capital of Crete in 1971, which includes a world airport and offers important places and activities, most notably:
Heraklion Castle or Koules Castle located on the old harbor.
Venizelou Square and Morisini Spring in the city center.
El Greco Park.
Knossos Palace, close to the city center.
Arolithos, the beautiful Cretan artisana façade.
– Zaros village and lake, which has an amazing magic.
– “Malia” station for sea baths.
Hania: Hania is the second largest city in Crete and one of its most beautiful cities, and offers important places and activities, most notably:
Beautiful Old Town.
The port and the lighthouse dating back to the fifteenth century.
The covered market and the morning market east of the port.
The magnificent Gulf of Balos.
Gavdos and Akrotiri Peninsula.

Crete, which floats in the waters of the Mediterranean, appears to be the most brilliant and proud of its past and present from other Greek islands. This charming island has a very rich heritage, which has its roots in the deepest depths of history, and it also has rare factors for tourist attraction, and it has above this and that, the distinguished location, moderate weather and sun that are not absent from it throughout 300 days of the year.
To this island, ancient civilizations traveled, invaded by strange armies, and built wonderful monuments, and today they are an important part of the advanced tourism movement, which is enjoyed by the island.

Legends say that the island of Crete, which is located in the tail of southern Greece, has been built or woven with the fingertips of the gods, and that the god “Suse”, who is considered the largest of the Greek gods, was born on it, and after his birth his mother “Raya” hidden him in one of the caves of the coast of “Ida” Away from his evil father, Krone, who was killing his children, one after the other, for fear of his throne.

But Soyuz, after reaching adulthood or maturity, changed his form to a “white bull”, to avoid his father being oppressed by him, and he carried on his back the Phoenician Princess of Europe, and he brought her to Crete and married her, so he born to them a son named Minus, who later became king On the Aknus region, then he began to unify the parts of the island, until he finally managed to achieve this goal. The country prospered and developed its various facilities and became one of the most beautiful and finest Greek islands at that time.

The ancient history of the island also says that the Phoenicians were among the first people to have migrated to the island, and built and built water systems and other professional and artistic industries, and settled there for hundreds of years, so that some of the names of the island gods go back to that Phoenician era, they are purely Phoenician names.

History also says that the Arabs also reached the island in later stages, and built many archaeological facilities in it, and transferred many methods of civilization to it, so that, over the hundreds of years in which they resided, they left behind offspring of the generations of the first grandchildren, who carried So far the features of the clear Arab anointing.

Crete is one of the largest Greek islands, and is famous for its historical and archaeological facilities, which include castles, palaces, monasteries, temples and ancient churches, and is also famous for its wonderful coasts, with clear white or golden sand, clear blue waters and a mild and attractive climate.

It stretches through the center of the island, a series of mountains interspersed with deep depressions, fruitful agricultural plains and springs of running water, around which the flat sandy beaches revolve, which is considered one of the most important tourist facilities that provide the island millions of dollars annually.

On the tops of the mountains and in the folds of the cliffs, the beautiful houses of the people, with tiled roofs and loud colors, were scattered among them. Many churches, temples, monasteries, and cathedrals, which are unique architectural masterpieces, were erected.

The main and somewhat large cities of the island are: Araklion and Khanba, which are thriving cities in which all the requirements of entertainment and entertainment are present, as well as the cultural increase provided by the abundance of its theaters, musical groups, cinemas, exhibitions and various art festivals, in addition to the many sporting and tourist needs.

All over the island, beautiful lakes and parks are organized in a unique civilized way, which includes playgrounds suitable for families and children.

The island enjoys complete geographical independence, as it is surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea from each side, and it is close to its sister, the independent island of Kithira, which is located in the north specifically, and is close to the Al-Mora Peninsula.

All these islands are considered one of the most distinguished islands of Greece in the field of tourism, as they shine with the beauty of their nature, and with the advanced services they provide to all tourists coming from all over the world.

On the island of Crete and in the part near the fishermen’s village which is called “Akya Plakia” and is about 20 minutes away from its international airport, there are many tourist facilities that provide psychological comfort, entertainment and pleasure, as it includes a series of coasts, with silver and golden sand, which Thousands of tourists come from it every year.

In Araklion, there is a bundle of hotel complexes connected between them, which constitute a high-end tourism block. The hotels of these complexes are surrounded by rich gardens and extensive parks, as well as water basins suitable for the enjoyment of all kinds, including swimming, sports and various water games.
The splendor of its hotels and its attractiveness
Pours into the large basin that is located among these hotel complexes, a small river, which provides water for it, and is also used for watering the greenhouses belonging to these hotels that I want to build, to provide self-sufficiency of flowers intended for hotel decorations and fresh fruits and vegetables that are provided to visitors residing in Those hotels during meals.

Among the most famous hotels of these complexes is the Rudy Red Rega Hotel, which is built in a classical architectural style based on the aesthetic of marble and Greek wood. As for its walls, they are decorated with original paintings and statues, painted or carved by the most famous Greek artists.

There is also the Crystal Enrgy Hotel, which opened to visitors in 2008, and this hotel is considered a modern struggle, and it includes many entertainment facilities and shops that provide various types of goods.

Surrounded by a spacious garden, it hosts a private pool and also has three upscale cafes, a large swimming pool, a water facility for performing various water shows, and a corridor connected to the sister hotel Rudyred. Crete is a magnificent aesthetic piece of nature, whose roots adhere to the depths of the waters of the Mediterranean since eternity. Its people, who are distinguished by the kindness, hospitality and splendid oriental traditions, who look at the stranger look to the guest and the welcome visitor, wherever he is located throughout the depository and very beautiful island.

Tourism for the elderly is promising … it lacks marketing

The number of elderly people is increasing more and more .. They have the time and money to travel, which makes them a primary goal in the tourism sector, but access to it is difficult, because they hate someone to engage with them based on their age.

“The category of people over fifty years of age is a big market,” said Sybill Zwisch of the German Tourism Association (DRF) on the sidelines of the ITB exhibition, which is an important global meeting place for tourism held in Berlin.

The German Chamber of Commerce said in a study, “The names given to this category abound, but the name given to those over the age of fifty is not important, as they are considered the ideal guests, because they are characterized by strong purchasing power, and they show an interest in culture and they are used to traveling.” In addition, they go to places farther and spend more time and choose the plane as a means of travel often .. In short, they constitute a distinct target and must be attracted from many sides.

“Certainly, these are the most difficult audience to attract,” says Jean-Claude Baumgarten, president of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTCC).

While there are many offers for the elderly, only 10% of German tourism companies are publicly promoting them.
Pachinger had established standards for hotels known as “50 Plus” that were adopted by dozens of hotels in Austria and Germany, and other hotels in Switzerland and Spain would follow suit.
These criteria target the well-off between the ages of 50 and 65.
“It includes three to five-star hotels that provide all the amenities and a distinctive service, with great interest in guests and special offers related to nature and culture,” Pashinger says.
Many tourist companies have rushed to invest in the elderly market, and the Danish Tourism Office (65 ferry) is going to retirees, while Nordic Saga Tours seduces those over 50 years old, while Thomas Cook opened Club Vital clubs, and TUI opened “Ilan” clubs, in addition to organizing trips that mix entertainment with “small plastic surgery”.
On the other hand, the Dutch company Dutch Travel International (Det) says it only targets the elderly in “winter travel programs” in order to fill seats. For example, on long trips to Turkey, “we point to the proximity of hospitals, as well as hospitality cafes,” says Atim Asendimir, who is responsible for these programs.
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