Tourism in Croatia

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Croatia is one of the parliamentary republics that are located in the southeast of the continent of Europe, and it is one of the countries that resulted from the Soviet Union, and its capital is the city of Zagreb, with an area of ​​approximately (56,594) square kilometers, and a population of approximately (4.29) million people.

Zagreb is administratively divided into (20) provinces, it has borders with Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Montenegro, and the population of Croatia speaks the Croatian language, and they condemn the Roman Catholic religion, and its currency is Kuna.

Its most important terrain

There are many high mountain peaks in the Republic of Croatia, including: Dinara Mountain, which has a height of approximately (1831) meters above the sea level, and the mountains of Triglav and its height reaches approximately (1913) meters, and the Seniznik Mountains with a height of approximately (1796) meters, and there are several rivers We mention them: the Sava River in addition to the Drava River.

Its climate

The Republic of Croatia has a mild and warm climate and often a continental climate, in which there is heavy rain, and the average temperatures in it in winter (3) degrees, and in summer (18) degrees. The coldest areas are: Gorski and Lika, where ice can be seen in forests at an altitude of (1,200) meters above sea level, and the warmest ones are located on the Adriatic coast in remote areas.

The most important tourist areas in it

  • Beltfish Lakes: It is a garden and is one of the most beautiful tourist areas on the level of Croatia and the world, where there are many lakes and waterfalls, where there are about (16) lakes of varying size, surrounded by forests and mountains, where every visitor to the Republic of Croatia must go and enjoy The beauty of this attractive garden.
  • The capital, Zagreb: Where there are a lot of tourist attractions in this city, but rather one of the most beautiful European capitals that enjoy their contemporary architecture, and these areas include Zagreb Cathedral, the Saint Cathedral, the Marco Square, and the Louters-Sakk Tower.
  • Kopaki Rit National: It is a garden that contains beautiful and wonderful natural diversity, and this garden is located in Barina in the east of Croatia, where there are attractive areas that intertwine with the Danube River, in addition to the wonderful forests and there are also more than (260) species of birds rare in existence .
  • Dubrovnik: It is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist cities in Croatia, as it has many ancient sites, castles and churches, as well as resorts and upscale hotels.
  • National Cornati: It is a garden which is considered one of the most beautiful in nature, it consists of (69) islands that are located in the Dalmatian province, and these islands also contain rare animals and plants, and its visitor can enjoy diving there and seeing the beautiful and wonderful places.

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