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Cyprus is considered one of the countries that depend heavily on tourism, due to its distinguished location in the Mediterranean Sea, and it contains a mixture of Greek and Turkish cultures, providing tourists with a beautiful model of civilizational, cultural and linguistic diversity within one people, despite the fact that the Greek part of the island of Cyprus It is more attractive to tourists than its Turkish section, but it is witnessing a remarkable development in the field of tourism, as tourism in the Greek part of Cyprus has witnessed a significant and remarkable development to include many tourist cities in this region, including:

Ayia Napa

It is located in the southeastern part of Cyprus, and is classified as the second most visited city for tourists in the world, and Ayia Napa is distinguished in its wonderful beaches especially Nessi Beach which is the first destination for tourists and local residents in this region, due to its hot and suitable waters for relaxation, in addition to the spread of many Water sports are in the waters near the beach. As for the nightlife in Ya Napa, it is concentrated in Al-Saha area that contains the largest number of dancing clubs and nightclubs, where there is the largest and largest night club in Cyprus, which is known as the Castle Club.


Pavros is considered the cultural center of Cyprus, as it contains a tremendous amount of rare cultural heritage and historical architectural architecture, and one of the most important archaeological areas in which it attracts a huge amount of tourists the tombs of kings and Odones waterfalls, and also contains one of the most important hotels in the world, which is the Paradise Hotel, which harvested Many international awards.


It is located in the second place in terms of its area, the presence of Limassol Port in it, which is considered one of the most important ports in Cyprus, helped in the development of the economic and tourism sector in it greatly, and the city occupies a large historical place as it contains a number of the most important archaeological areas in Cyprus, such as the Limassol Theater, but, It also holds a number of annual festivals such as the wine festival and carnival festival.


One of the oldest areas in Cyprus, it has a number of exploratory roads that are walked, in addition to the beach of Laranca Promenade, which offers a lovely walk in the hours of sunset, and its waters contain the wreck of Zenobia, which attracts a large number of diving enthusiasts.


Platres accompanies tourists on a picnic in the foothills and mountains away from the crowds of beaches and cities, and provides tourists with the necessary safety to walk under the umbrellas located inside a thick cover of pine trees, while the hotel service is represented by tucked hotels located in the middle of the vast forests.

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