Tourism in Cyprus for families

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We offer you the most prominent places of tourism in Cyprus for families, the island of Cyprus represents one of the most important tourist interfaces around the world, and how the jewel of the heart of the Mediterranean is not the third largest island in its geographical area of ​​islands overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, so it has wonderful coastal areas extending along its shores, In addition to its ancient historical heritage, which brings together the two most important civilizations in the ancient world (Roman civilization, Greek civilization), in addition to bringing them together between Turkish and Greek cultural heritage, which made it a fertile land that includes many ancient cultures and civilizations that attract tourists from various And for the world to see them.
Cyprus includes a number of attractive tourist cities that give its visitors, especially families, a wonderful mix between culture and civilization and between pleasure and entertainment. Paphos, Cyprus, is at the forefront of these tourist cities, as Paphos is the cultural capital of the island of Cyprus, after it was considered the capital of European culture in 2020 And, because of its deep heritage and tourist attractions, the best known of which is the Aphrodite Rock, which is home to the assembly of loved ones from different countries of the world.
So in the article, we will get to know with you the most famous places of tourism in Cyprus for families from the Arab Travelers website.

Tourism in Cyprus for families

Tourist activities in Cyprus for families

Finikoudes Beach

  • Phenicodes Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of the island of Cyprus, which is characterized by its clear waters, calm waves, and soft white sand, allowing its visitors to enjoy golden sun rays, fresh air, swimming and water sports without fear for the children from the disruption of waves, which makes it an excellent tourist place For families.
  • The beach provides its visitors with many services such as the presence of places for sitting and relaxing in front of the water on the beach, in addition to the presence of a number of cafes and restaurants that provide meals for visitors. The most beautiful tourist places that families can not miss while visiting Cyprus.

Tourism in Cyprus for families - Tourism in Cyprus for families

Limassol Promenade

  • Families during their visit to Cyprus cannot miss their visit to the Limassol Promenade, which is a walking and walking path along the coast of the Corniche overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, which enjoys its charming atmosphere, day and night, where you can watch boats inside the sea during the day, and enjoy watching the moments of sunset, as well as It allows visitors to practice cycling, in addition to the presence of many shops that sell candy, snacks and entertainment, and there are places to sit and rest, which makes it one of the best places for the family to spend a fun time.

1581260995 209 Tourism in Cyprus for families - Tourism in Cyprus for families

Blue Lagoon

  • It is not possible to complete the families ’visit to the island of Cyprus without visiting the Blue Lagoon lake, which is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in the whole of Cyprus, as it is a lake characterized by attractive blue color and the presence of a number of rocks and caves surrounding it, which gives its visitors a lot of joy The excitement, where visitors can see the bottom of the lake and the colorful rocks contained in it, but be careful to wear special shoes for swimming so as not to be injured from the rocks scattered on the bottom of the lake.
  • Visitors can also enjoy watching the reflection of the sun’s rays on the lake water, which represents a very attractive view that creates rest and relaxation in the soul, as well as swimming and diving in the clear waters of the lake, in addition to families capturing memorial photos in front of the lake, which makes their visit to Blue Lagoon an unforgettable tourist trip.

1581260995 288 Tourism in Cyprus for families - Tourism in Cyprus for families

The Black Pearl pirate ship

  • The Black Pearl pirate ship represents one of the most beautiful trips that families can take during their visit to the island of Cyprus, where they achieve a great deal of sense of mystery and excitement, as the ship is the largest pirate boat in the Mediterranean, which is located specifically in the port of Ayia Napa.
  • The ship was lifted from the sea floor after it sank by Davy Jones, after he made a reconciliation agreement with the cabin, Jack Sparrow, who rebuilt the Black Pearl.
  • Then the ship represents the most beautiful places for family visits, which suit all ages and provide them with fun, entertainment and excitement, in which many visual comic shows about pirates are presented, which leave a great smile and wonderful memories in the hearts of its visitors.

1581260995 507 Tourism in Cyprus for families - Tourism in Cyprus for families

Caledonia Waterfalls

  • The island of Cyprus is characterized by the presence of a large number of wonderful waterfalls, which are characterized by its wonderful natural landscape, which leaves a good impact on the face of everyone who visits it. The most famous of these waterfalls is the Caledonian Waterfall, which families can visit and reach its summit through many safe passages for all ages, as well as There are many bumpy roads for those who want thrill climbing to the top of the waterfall.
  • There are also a number of restaurants, cafes and shops in the area surrounding the waterfall in addition to the presence of places to sit and rest. Families during their visit to the waterfall can take cameras with them to record the moments of their unforgettable tour.

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