Tourism in Cyprus for young people and families

المسافرون العرب

Information guide on the most beautiful places of tourism in Cyprus for young people and families, called by many as the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea, due to the beauty of its beaches, the splendor of green nature, the wonderful beaches that are surrounded by rocks, the colors of clear water, and also historically the Greek makes its visit a unique and distinctive experience, Arab travelers help you To get to know the best places of tourism in Cyprus.

Cyprus tourism for young people

Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea to the northwest of the Asian continent and also to the southwestern part of the continent of Europe, and it is officially known as the Republic of Cyprus, and it declared independence from Britain in 1960 AD, then divided in 1974 into two parts, one of which is located in the north It is the majority of the population there of the Turks, the other part is represented in the south of the country, and the majority of its population is Greek, and it is internationally classified as the third largest island located on the Mediterranean Sea, with an area of ​​approximately 10 square kilometers.
Cyprus is characterized by its mild inclined climate in the summer to hot, and rainy for most of the winter months. Tourism is a very important aspect in Cyprus, where it enters into the economic system with 10% of the country’s national income, and nearly 2 million tourists visit it annually, and most tourists from Arab countries and America, you can enjoy a lot of wonderful beaches, climbing, skiing, diving and hunting, and many sports that you prefer and enjoy during your trip to Cyprus, in addition to the high-end hotels and restaurants that characterized the local cuisine of this wonderful country.

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The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus

Caledonia Falls

If you are a fan of mountainous nature, you can visit the mountain resort, which is characterized by the most beautiful paths that you will enjoy amid the natural scenery, whether for the most famous waterfalls in Cyprus or high mountains such as the green Troodos Mountains, and you will enjoy a lot of charming landscapes and sounds of water colliding in the waterfall with harmony The sounds of birds around you, and also there is the Mount Platres product which will support your wonderful experience with delicious and wonderful dining beside this view.

Akamas Park

It contains a large group of unique and diverse plants and animals, and it can be seen as a natural reserve, located in the northwest of Cyprus, which includes many green spaces with its scenery and charming and creative coordination beside the beach in which it adds aesthetic touches to it.


It is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, and as we mentioned before it is divided into two parts in the north inhabited by the Turks, and in the south inhabited by the Greeks, and it is the most beautiful country in the continent of Europe in terms of beaches, nature and history.

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Larnaca contains the main Cyprus airport, which has a population of approximately 7 thousand people, has the most beautiful tourist beaches of Cyprus, this city varies between history and the present, because it includes a lot of the history of this city, which dates back to the thirteenth century BC, beside The civilizational and architectural development that represents its economic growth now.


This city combines historical sites and tourist attractions, where there are wonderful beaches opposite the old buildings that were built on it, and it is a source of attraction for many tourists as it can establish the largest carnival parade in Cyprus, and there is also the University of Technology of Cyprus, and we are considered the largest city in terms of area Interior, development, trade, industry and culture.

Ayia Napa

This place includes the most famous beaches in Cyprus, among them the beach of Nissi, which is located in the southeast of Cyprus, has an advantage which is that the water is warm throughout the day, which is suitable for practicing all water activities and various sports in it.

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It is called the cultural capital of Cyprus, and it has many of its magnificent scenery, which is embodied in the waterfalls of the Monastery of Ayios Diofenos and the tombs of the Kings Adonis and public baths, and there is the Paradise Hotel which won many international awards due to its beauty and splendor.


It has all the huge parks that help you enjoy the natural scenery and dive into the pine forests.

Santa Marina Resort

It is one of the most famous products that you can practice all kinds of different sports, including horseback riding and cycling, and overlooks a wonderful and charming lake.

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