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The tourist city of Dahab is one of the most important tourism cities in Egypt, South Sinai, because it includes virgin beaches whose gorgeous view derives from the Gulf of Aqaba, its coral reefs, forests and marine creatures from the magic of the Red Sea, with deserts, mountains and reserves that tempt you to put safari and camping on your list of plans for a tourism trip in Dahab.

During the article, we will discuss the most important tourist places in Dahab to learn what is the difference between the city of Dahab with pictures and the most beautiful truth from any images.

Best of Dahab hotels

Dahab includes a large number of high-end hotels and beach resorts of various levels that suit all potentials and tastes of those who intended tourism in Dahab, and perhaps one of the best Dahab hotels is what we collected for you in this tab .. Read more

Tourism in Dahab - Tourism in Dahab

The most important tourist places in Dahab

The city of Dahab includes an infinite number of tourist places that are popular with tourists from all places to enjoy its beauty and charm, the most important of which are:

Nabq Reserve

The tourism trip in Dahab is not complete without visiting the most important natural landmarks of Dahab, because of its land and sea wealth that is unparalleled in the world reserves.

The reserve includes 134 rare species and endangered wildlife, birds and wildlife, including 86 already extinct species, unique species of fish and colorful coral reefs.

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Abu Gallum Reserve or Wadi Al Rasasa

One of the most important tourist places in Dahab, which is visited by tourists because of the land and marine life it does not provide anywhere else in the world.

The reserve includes hundreds of coral reefs, rare colored fish, birds, plants and animals threatened with extinction, in addition to a series of caves extending up to 100 meters underwater.

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Coral Island

One of the best tourist places in Dahab, close to the Palestinian borders, for everyone looking for the beauty of nature combined with the classic of ancient ruins.

The island is classified as one of the most important diving sites in the tourist city of Dahab, because it contains picturesque coral reefs close to the surface of the water that can be seen easily even without the professional diving and snorkeling.

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Laguna Island

One of the best places in Dahab for those who are not impressed by the rocky beaches of the city’s only sandy beach.

The island is one of the most important diving and snorkelling sites in the city of Dahab, as it contains rare fish and colorful and picturesque coral reefs that make professional divers accept it from everywhere in the world to see its beauty.

As for amateurs or people with limited experience, there is no need to worry. The island includes world-famous diving training centers.

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Massat area

One of the recommended areas to visit during tourism in Dahab, where the region is distinguished by its unique charm and different charm, unlike other Dahab landmarks that are connected to beaches, marine resources and nature reserves.

Masbat area is famous for a group of shops, yards, restaurants, and trendy cafes, along with diving clubs, luxury resort and Dahab hotels.

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The blue hole

Among the most important areas that are visited by hundreds of thousands of people annually, especially diving professionals and adventurers during the tourist trip in Dahab, despite the dangerous place.

The blue hole contains attractive scenes of light interaction with plants and marine creatures and the sea with the mountains, and the danger of the hole comes from it contains a group of deceptive caves that seem less deep than their true depth.

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Water sports in Dahab

With all this amount of picturesque coral reefs, rare marine creatures and the magic enjoyed by its beaches, it is inconceivable that the Dahab region in Egypt is not one of the most important areas for water sports such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing and kayaking, and perhaps the most important diving sites in Dahab Island:

Blue Hole, Laguna Island, Isle Garden North of Dahab, Al Waha. In addition to the 30 world-class certified diving training centers, make sure you never miss an adventure like this while in Dahab.

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Safari and camping in the Dahab region in Egypt

The deserts and Sinai mountains in the tourist city of Dahab are an ideal and distinctive destination for adventure safaris, campers and mountaineering enthusiasts, where you can wander through cars and four-wheel bikes with a Bedouin lifestyle experience, grills and local food.

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