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Tourism in Delhi

Tourism is concentrated in the city of Delhi in each of the regions of old Delhi and New Delhi, where the old Delhi formed in the past the city of Shah Jahanabad which was built and surrounded by walls by the Mughal Emperor who ruled Shah Jehan during the seventeenth century, and a visitor to this area can enjoy watching the exciting areas Surprisingly despite being crowded and densely populated, New Delhi was built by the British when they moved their capital in 1911 AD from Kolkata to there, and it is characterized by being one of the most elegant and elegant residential areas in Delhi, where it is characterized by its surrounded roads And contain many prestigious government buildings, as well as their markets and trendy neighborhoods.

How to travel to Delhi

It is possible to travel to the Indian city of Delhi by plane and (The Indira Gandhi) National Airport is the only airport in Delhi. It can also be traveled using railways, which are distributed in all areas of Delhi, including old and new Delhi, or by buses where the city is connected to cities. It is adjacent to it through a network of highways, and the best time to visit the city is between October and March.

Tourist attractions in Delhi

The city of Delhi contains many tourist places that can be visited, including:

  • Akshardham templeWhat distinguishes Akshardham temple from other temples in the city of Delhi being carved of stones by 7 thousand craftsmen, without being supported by any kind of steel or concrete, as the museum represents the spirit of Hindu architecture, as it contains many artifacts carved in The rock is like stories of parents, musicians, dancers, and pictures of plants and animals.
  • National Gallery of Modern ArtThis exhibition is an interesting and fun destination for modern art lovers, which was established in 1857 AD at the Maharaja Palace in Jaipur, and the Palace building is a masterpiece in itself, while the exhibition was established to preserve art and display artwork coming from all over the world.
  • the Red Castle: The Red Fort is located in old Delhi, and it was built by order of Emperor Shah Jahan, and it took ten years to build from 1638 AD to 1648 AD, and the castle was surrounded by a wall with a height of 18 meters, and the castle remained under the control of the Mughals until 1857 AD. As the British seized the castle, destroyed many of the buildings and gardens that were present in it, and built military barracks in its place.

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