Tourism in Dubai does not depend only on the tourist places in the city or the commercial markets only, but also extends to the rest of the nearby cities in the Emirates. Therefore, one-day trips are considered one of the most important tourism activities undertaken by visitors to Dubai, as it can move to several emirates quickly and comfortably.

The best tourism trips in Dubai

Tourism in Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

There is no doubt that one of the most important tourism tours in Dubai is to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is located in the Emirate of “Abu Dhabi”. The mosque bearing the name of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, the first ruler of the United Arab Emirates, is an artistic architectural masterpiece that blends traditional Islamic style with contemporary modern models. From Dubai, it is adorned with about 82 circular dome. It also includes the largest Persian carpet in the world, which was woven with more than 1,200 weavers, and the number of seven huge chandeliers, the largest of which weighed approximately 12 tons!Tourism in Dubai


Among the most important offers that are included in the tourism programs in Dubai are desert safari trips that correspond to the Bedouin environment in the Emirates. Motorcycle competitions.

Wadi Adventure Park

153 km from Dubai city lies Wadi Adventure Park, which is a great outlet to escape the heat of the city. The park offers a variety of recreational activities such as boating, water skiing, and swimming pools. Adventure Park is an ideal place for families with dedicated places For beginners to teach water skiing.Tourism in Dubai

Visit Fujairah

Visiting Fujairah is one of the most important tourism tours in Dubai, which is located at a distance of 167 km. The importance of visiting Fujairah is due to the fact that it provides tourists with an opportunity to get a full meal from seeing the natural and historical places as well. A model for the oldest mosques in the country. The history of the mosque dates back to the fifteenth century or perhaps earlier. Another city of tourism in the city is the Fujairah Military Fort, which had a major war and political role in the sixteenth century.Tourism in Dubai

Ferrari world

Tourism in Dubai always carries pleasant surprises for its visitors, and this time it is a visit to the Ferrari world of cars. The Ferrari world is not only an exhibition of this famous brand, but also includes the racetracks on which the Formula 1 competitions are held. The visitor can also explore Italy’s tourist attractions from the air. In addition to a tour of the famous Ferrari Auto Factory, Ferrari is located 112 km from Dubai and also includes a special section for children to be able to drive small cars in a safe manner.

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