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Tourism in East Asia

East Asian countries are among the tourist countries that have a special nature and a picturesque nature; so tourists from all regions of the world flock to get to know the Asian landmarks and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, and when thinking about heading to one of the countries that is located in East Asia, many people are confused to choose the appropriate country To visit it with the aim of tourism, we will discuss in this article the most important countries of East Asian tourism, which are recommended to visit and the best places in them.

Tourism in China

China is one of the countries of East Asia important to tourism, as it was carried out by the most ancient and important civilizations, and there are also many places worth visiting. Among these places:

  • The Great Wall of China: It is the greatest wall in the world, and it extends from the northern borders of China from Chenhuangtau to the Gaotai region in the west in Gansu Province, and it is one of the seven wonders of the world; it was built by labor without the use of machinery in the fourth century BC, With a length of 6,400 km, its purpose was to protect the northern borders of China from invasion.
  • Potala Palace: This palace is located at the top of Hongshan Mountain in Lhasa Province, and it is a group of interconnected castles, whose history dates back more than 1300 years, and was at the foot of the Dalai until his escape to India, after he was subjected to the Chinese invasion, and the palace is considered one of the most luxurious The world’s highest and highest palaces with a height of 3,700 meters above sea level.

Tourism in Taiwan

Among the tourist places:

  • Taroko National Park: This park is located on a strategic location that extends along the eastern coast of Taiwan, and it is one of the most beautiful and wonderful natural parks, characterized by the presence of many valleys and wonderful waterfalls, and the Strait of Taroko, which contains many bends, so tourists can visit to enjoy the natural views of the garden and Free without paying any sums.
  • Penghu Islands: It is one of the best tourist destinations, which is a group of small interconnected islands, and is characterized by the waters of its clear blue beaches, and many musical celebrations, numerous festivals, the introduction of delicious seafood and the spread of many resorts that provide all services are held in these islands.

Tourism in South Korea

Among its most important tourist cities (Seoul), which is one of the largest countries in the world, which represents the present and the past wonderfully, there are many ancient and modern palaces, and many shrines and museums that date back to the past centuries, and also there are many skyscrapers and high mountains The city of Seoul has a special and attractive nature, and millions of tourists come to it every year to enjoy it.

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