Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving

المسافرون العرب

Visiting another country for the purpose of tourism and entertainment and discovering interesting new civilizations, but at the same time you need to prepare and know basic information before arriving. Today we will learn about tourism in Egypt and the most prominent advice that we should know, especially since Egypt is a large, important and multi-faceted country.

Traveling inside Egypt

Choose well where your first destination will be in Egypt, so traveling and moving inside Egypt may be a challenge without good planning, as the distances between one region and another are relatively long. And in case you want domestic travel, EgyptAir is the only airline so it is advised to reserve your seats in advance electronically and before long. If you book during your stay, it is also advised to check your mail several times to discover any rescheduling of flights.

Tourism in Egypt … transportation on the roads

Transfers between the regions of Egypt via the roads are relatively easy, as most roads are like the road between Aswan and Luxor, and between Aswan and Abu Simbel, Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab and others in good condition. If you travel through flights that are organized between many regions, it is possible that the stop will not stop at any time, so be prepared to do so. As for moving in the desert, it is not very easy, as there are no stops to stop until reaching an oasis or a nearby town. Expect driving quickly, passing a lot of bumps, and passing by sand dunes at times on a path that might resemble a roller coaster, so it is advised that those who suffer from vertigo easily should take this into consideration.

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Basics about your mobility

Many areas of Egypt are completely safe even if you want to go out at night, you can walk a lot and use public transportation. You can download some good applications about tourism and maps about the regions as I always carry with you in a safe place your hotel address and phone number in case of any emergency. You can also request the hotel to provide you with these details in Arabic. We also advise you to obtain an Egyptian phone number upon your arrival, this will help you to contact your hotel or guide in case you cannot use public phones. Public transportation is abundant and most of them work well. In case you want to use a private taxi, pay attention to the prices and make sure before you go above the price and specify that the payment will be in Egyptian pounds.

Language, communication and money during tourism in Egypt

There is no doubt that you know that Arabic is the official language in Egypt, but many Egyptians speak English as well. And the fact that the Egyptian people are very friendly and compelling, you can talk with people on the street, from drivers to the hotel team, guide, merchants, and others … It is advisable to carry a little cash abroad and keep some money with you for emergencies and transfer the money you want to use to the local currency. Do not forget to inform your local bank that you are traveling to prevent unusual activity on your bank card. Most bank cards in Egypt can be used without problem.

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Tip and tip

Tipping is a sensitive issue in Egypt. First you have to be prepared to pay the tip, as expected from the employee in restaurants, hotels and others. And when people come to you for help, you should know automatically that they want a tip, so you can kindly refuse. It is always a good idea to give tip at the end of the fire to your driver and a tip can be given to your guide at the end of the day. The tip must be presented in the local currency, so keep a small amount of money with you.

Climate and clothing

Follow clothing advice and appropriate clothing, and keep a shawl or headscarf for use when visiting mosques and religious centers. And always check the weather conditions everywhere. Even in December, the weather may be hot in the morning and mild at night in several areas of Egypt.

Shopping during tourism in Egypt

In Egypt, there are endless options for souvenir purchases. If we want to consider that there are 3 main markets, such as Aswan, Luxor and Cairo, Aswan may be classified as the best. The largest marketplace is Khan Al-Khalil in Cairo, while the gold shops on the sea contain attractive products. It is advised to separate the prices, as you may get strong and profitable results!

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Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving - Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving
Most parts of Egypt are safe

1581287543 156 Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving - Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving
From Khan Al-Khalili market in Egypt

1581287543 424 Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving - Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving
Basic information about tourism in Egypt.

1581287543 340 Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving - Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving
What you should know about tourism in Egypt

1581287543 264 Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving - Tourism in Egypt .. Tips you should know before arriving
tourism in Egypt

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