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The time to visit Egypt

The visit from October to April is considered one of the best times to visit Egypt, where the temperatures are suitable for tourism, and the months of December and January are among the months in which the movement of tourists increases, and therefore the prices are high in the Red Sea resorts, and usually The climate in Egypt is hot and sunny throughout the year, and a little rain south of Cairo, even in the most humid places, such as: Alexandria and Rafah, it rains in it at a rate of 46 days per year only, and the winter is characterized by its moderation in general, so that the daytime temperatures reach in The city of Cairo is about 20 degrees Celsius, and it goes down To 10 degrees Celsius or less at night, but in summer, temperatures reach an average of 35 degrees Celsius, and extreme humidity, taking into account that many Egyptian tourist attractions are located in hot desert areas.

Places to visit

Historic sites

In Egypt there are many important historical, cultural sites, and the last of the seven ancient wonders of the world that still exist, namely: the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, as well as in Egypt, the whale Valley, which is a natural site, and one of the world heritage sites, located In the Western Desert of Egypt, a site that contains fossils of whales, and important cultural sites in Egypt; the Monastery of St. Catherine, Mount Hurib, the Nubian memorial, and fields of flight from Giza to Dahshur, and from other historical and touristic sites that can be visited in Egypt, and which exist In Alexandria: Qala Castle Tebay, the Roman theater, and the Valley of the Kings, which is located in Luxor, is the archaeological site where the tomb of Tutankhamun, the tomb of Ramses VI, and many members of the royal family are found, as there are temples, and royal tombs.

Historic Cairo

The historic city of Cairo is considered one of the largest Islamic cities in the world, and it is included in the UNESCO list of world heritage since 1979 AD; to preserve its monuments, this city was established as a royal square, in 969 AD, and is characterized by its mosques, its school, and its famous fountains, it contains the Ibn Ibn Mosque Toulon, the oldest university in the world, is Al-Azhar University.


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