Tourism in England

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England or Britain is one of the western countries located in the continent of Europe, and is the largest country in the United Kingdom, and shares its northern borders with Scotland, and the western borders with Wales, while the northwestern borders are surrounded by the Irish Sea, and the Celtic Sea from the southwest, surrounded by the North Sea From East.

The lands of England are characterized by being easy, which helped the development of civilization in it and increased its tourism balance among the countries of the world, where it provided a wonderful mix between rural and civil life in a manner of harmony and harmony, as it is transmitted by tourists between the ancient world and its effects, and the modern world and its contents Development and urbanization, and England depends on the tourism sector to supply its economy and national income.

Tourism in England

Tourism is one of the important activities in a person’s life. By visiting the beautiful places, self-entertainment occurs, breaking the work routine, and getting rid of psychological pressures that he may face in his daily struggle with life. We will present some of the most beautiful areas that can be visited in England, as follows:


One of the most famous tourist sites in England is the capital, which contains many museums full of monuments and rare pieces, as well as beautiful green gardens, and the visitor does not forget to visit the famous Big Ben watch and take memorial photos next to it.

Shopping and fashion lovers can also take advantage of the world famous London stores, and in some moments it is necessary to enjoy the delicious food prepared by the restaurants located in it, and the advice that the visitor must take into account is to ride the double-decker bus across the bridge over the Thames River, As it is the first bridge built over the river in the city.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the oldest palaces built in England, where it was built in 1703 AD, and it was named after the Duke of Buckingham that was built for it, and this palace has the advantage of being the seat of the royal family in England, which increased its importance, in addition to creativity in design and construction And it contains invaluable artworks, and for those who like to enjoy its beauty, 19 rooms are opened to the public during 8 weeks of the year.

Dover Castle

Dover Castle was built to protect the English coast for more than 2,000 years, from the Iron Age to the Atomic Age, where it was built in 1180 AD, and was built in a professional manner, and the cliffs surrounding it are a world of magic and beauty that fascinates everyone who enters it.


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