The continent of Europe has many scenic landscapes, many enchanting cities, and distinctive cultural and historical appearances that make exploring this continent an unparalleled experience. If you want to get away from the crowds of tourists that are crowded with the well-known European cities, then you should search for some alternative cities, so we selected for you 10 of the most beautiful European cities that you can visit in 2020, and each of them has a charming nature and ancient historical monuments, in addition to the tourist places Brilliant.

The most beautiful European cities that can be visited in 2020

Bergen, Norway:

BergenThe city of Bergen is located in Norway and is considered a European cultural city and one of the cities on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and it is a thriving city despite its young appearance and is also called the “Norway Straits Gate”. Bergen is famous for its bright buildings, charming coastlines, and mountains covered with pine forests. If you love natural colors and open areas, Bergen is an ideal destination to spend your summer vacation, just don’t forget to take your camera to commemorate your visit to this charming Norwegian city.

Colmar, France:

Colmar is located in France on the German and Swiss borders and is characterized by its charming village character and ideal atmosphere. The history of the city extends over 1000 years and Colmar is known for its water channels, colorful houses and charming nature. The city is also known as the birthplace of the international sculptor Bartholdi, the owner of the Statue of Liberty, which crowns New York City.

Dresden, Germany:

DresdenGermany is proud of the city of Dresden, the capital of technology, higher education and inventions. Dresden is located in the state of Saxony, also known as the “Florence River Elbe”. The city combines its masterpieces, its magnificent architecture, and its high scientific level, and tourists come to Dresden in large numbers every year to see the tourist attractions in it, such as the Church of the Virgin and the Zwinger Palace and the Semper Oper opera, and Dresden hosts many universities thanks to which the cultural and student life flourishes in the city.
Gijón – Spain:
GijónGijón is located in northern Spain, a city that is rarely visited by tourists, despite the presence of many tourist attractions in it, which are comparable to those in other Spanish cities. Gijón is famous for being a city with a global character, multicultural, spectrum and gender. Its history extends to 5,000 years, as its effects are still standing today. Tourists can explore these monuments as well as learn about local dishes, especially delicious seafood, fresh farm products, and a unique and varied set of cold drinks.

Innsbruck, Austria:

InnsbruckThe city of Innsbruck in Austria is the capital of the Alpine region, and is known for it as an eco-friendly, eco-friendly city with breathtaking natural beauty. This charming city is located on the banks of the River In, and is one of the most popular cities for photography enthusiasts, as its center is full of open cafes, museums and heritage and cultural monuments . One can also, thanks to its cable car service, reach within 30 minutes its mountains covered with snowy beauty. And Innsbruck abounds with many attractions and charming attractions, such as the imperial buildings and wonderful lakes, and many paths that can be toured between the mountains, which makes it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Sorrento, Italy:

SorrentoThe cities of Milan, Florence and Rome are no longer the only cities that attract tourists to Italy. If you prefer to stay away from the crowds and crowds of tourists coming to Italy, you must think about Sorrento, which has an unparalleled landscape set, stretching parallel to the southern Gulf of Naples Italy, and its land is filled with hills and deep valleys and residential communities located in the highest mountains and plateaus, all this along with cultural heritage monuments scattered throughout the ancient city. The city air is fragrant with the scents of orange, lemon and olives, the most cultivated fruit in Sorrento, while its sea views offer amazing views of this italyn city.

Nicosia, Cyprus:

NicosiaCyprus is one of the windows of Europe on the Mediterranean Sea, which is suitable for visiting throughout the year. Nicosia is considered its administrative capital since the tenth century AD. The city is full of ancient monuments such as medieval churches and antique mosques surrounded by cafes, museums and gardens. Nicosia is one of the ideal destinations for those looking for comfort and recreation in the Mediterranean region, and it is filled with many sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, charming coasts and glamorous parks, cafes and restaurants scattered in most of its roads that are adorned with houses with roofs covered with red tiles, surrounded by greenery to descend from them To the valleys of singing covered in green grass under the dome of the blue sky, Nicosia looks like everything in it as a painting created by the skill of a skilled artist.

Tbilisi, Georgia:

GeorgiaTbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a city surrounded by mountains from all sides, and it is an indication of the banks of the Kura River, which is the capital of Georgia since ancient times, which is characterized by its originality, activity and vitality, as a contemporary capital that starts steadily on its way to reserve its distinguished position in the European tourist scene. Standing on the skyline of the city is a tall Narikala Fortress, as if it decorates the background of the ancient capital scene, whose page cafes and restaurants open the streets that fill the city streets. The most important of these is the Rustaveli Road, which is the most modern and developed city in the city, and includes between the two parties many of the most important cultural, governmental and commercial establishments in Region. Don’t forget, as you stroll through Georgia, to savor delicious Georgian cuisine.

Oxford, United Kingdom:

OxfordThe city of Oxford in the United Kingdom is famous for its prestigious university, which still maintains its old form and original spirit along with its modernity and high-end stores, as well as the beauty of its picturesque countryside and its wonderful green spaces. Tourists can stroll through its main streets, which are adorned with antique Georgian architecture and haute couture stores, and they can also explore famous places such as Christ Church College, and some landmarks that have appeared in many Hollywood movies such as the Harry Potter movie series.

Zadar, Croatia:

ZadarZadar is one of the beautiful cities overlooking the Adriatic coast, which is one of the northern Dalmatia regions, and the Croatian city has a long maritime history that it managed to preserve, with heritage buildings covered in a wonderful red brick, surrounded by defensive walls that were used in previous times to defend it. It also includes among its flanks an impressive array of heritage monuments belonging to the ancient, medieval and Renaissance ages, in addition to its contemporary architectural masterpieces. Take the opportunity to relax and explore the enchanting, authentic Croatian beauty in the peaceful atmosphere of Zadar, which is still far from the crowds of tourists heading to Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

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