Tourism in Finland

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Tourism in Finland

The country of Finland is famous for having many museums, art galleries and multiple shopping places, and provides various activities for visitors from everywhere such as boat rides, camping, fishing, sailing through the coastal islands, and hiking for a family trip. It is recommended to visit Finland in the summer months between May to September to enjoy its beautiful beauty and charm.

Church of the Rocks

The Rock Church located in Helsinki, Finland, is a place to perform popular concerts on a regular basis, and a place that hosts many weddings, where about 500 thousand tourists visit it every year, because of its calmness and magnificence, and its walls are made of granite rocks and its concave ceiling is made One of the copper basins that the Church illuminates through the glass dome when natural light passes through it.

Helsinki Cathedral

The Helsinki Cathedral in the city of Helsinki is an attractive landmark that features a mixture of the present and the past between old classics and modern architecture, and it contains four domes and a number of statues made of zinc and spread among the pillars of the cathedral, and many religious ceremonies are held such as weddings and christening Attracting approximately 350 thousand tourists, a design that was completely identical to the Helsinki Cathedral in the Senate Square was created in the year 2000 AD, but this copy was made of snow.

Other tourist sites

In addition to the previous tourist sites, Finland has other tourist sites, including the following:

  • Fortress of Suomenlinna overlooking the sea.
  • The house of Inu and Jean Sibelius.
  • Aland Islands.
  • Castles, forts, and manor houses.
  • Lakes region of Lakeland.
  • Sami Sayda Museum.
  • The village of Santa Claus is located near the town of Rovaniemi on the edge of the Arctic Circle.
  • Southern Ostrobothnia.
  • National parks.


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