Tourism in France

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France is located on the European continent, and its lands are distributed on many Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, it extends from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean, and the land area of ​​the French state is 674,843 square kilometers inhabited by nearly 66 million people.
Paris is the capital of the country and the French language is the official language of its population, but its currency is the euro, and France is distinguished by its political strength since ancient times, it is one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, one of the founding countries of the European Union, a member of NATO, the World Trade Organization and other Organizations and institutions.

Tourism in France

The distinguished location of the country made it include many wonderful terrain of mountains, plains and green nature, which made it attract tourists to it from all parts of the world, and successive governments on France established many places such as malls, resorts, and hotels to be another catalyst for their visit, that made tourism in The country ranks third in terms of increasing income.

The most important tourist places

France has great places to visit, most important of which are:

  • Eiffel tower: It is one of the most known landmarks of the world’s inhabitants, and the tower attracts tourists especially in the evening hours when the tower lights up completely, which is a wonderful appearance that visitors want, and the tower was built in 1889 AD by Gustav Eiffel.
  • Chamonix Resort: It is a resort located in the French Alps, visited by a tourist to practice skiing, and was the first site to hold the Winter Olympics in 1924 AD.
  • Mont Saint-Michel: It is a small island in size, but it contains many winding and strange buildings and streets that exist since the Middle Ages, and this island is located off the coast of Normandy.
  • Babys Palace: It is one of the largest Gothic buildings around the world, and the palace was built in 1309 AD for Pope Clement V to settle in. The palace is distinguished by its thick wall, which is three meters.
  • Charters Cathedral: It is a cathedral with stained glass windows. The cathedral is located in the French city of Chartres.
  • Louvre Museum: It is a museum located in the capital, Paris, and the museum contains many art and historical monuments collected from all parts of the world, including the Pharaonic and Roman statues, and the number of monuments in it has reached more than 5664 pieces, and the museum building dates back to the ancient era lost by King Philip.
  • Pantheon Cemetery of the greats: It is a cemetery that includes the remains of many French writers, scientists and generals. It was built in 1790 AD, and the cemetery was distinguished by its distinctive Roman architecture, as it contains a large dome and classic building facades.
  • Alexander III Bridge: It is a bridge that extends over the Seine River, and is characterized by the abundance of arches in it, and tourists go to the bridge to cross over it, and enjoy the wonderful views around it and reach a limit of relaxation, and the bridge was built in 1900 AD by Alexander III.


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