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Ghana is one of the republics that are located on the western side of the continent of Africa on the northern coast of the Gulf of Guinea, in the past it was called “Gold Coast”, and it is bordered on the western side by the Ivory Coast, on the eastern side of Togo, and on the north by the State of Burkina Faso, and on the southern side The Gulf of Guinea.
Ghana was declared independent from Britain in the year 1957 AD, and the official language is English, and the currency in circulation is Sidi, and its area is approximately (238,537) square kilometers, and its population is approximately (14,159,000) people, and its capital is the city of Accra, and from Most important cities: Tamale, Kumasi, Tima and Cape Coast.

Ghana’s climate

The climate in Ghana is distinguished by the combination of two climates: a tropical and tropical climate, as the southern regions are dominated by a tropical climate, as they are very rainy in winter and very hot in summer, while the coastal areas are low in rain due to the winds, while in the northern and middle sections there is a tropical climate. It has a humid and dry climate, and is affected by the dry winds of the two pyramids from the Sahara Desert.

Tourist areas in Ghana

Among the tourist areas in Ghana:

  • Accra: It is the capital of the state and its most populous city, characterized by its picturesque beaches, historical and archaeological buildings, libraries, and many historical museums, in addition to traditional markets and art galleries, as well as ancient castles dating back to the seventeenth century AD, and the large number of parks there.
  • Kumasi: It is one of the cities located in the south-central side of the state, about 250 kilometers from the capital, this city is characterized by forests, as it is called the “Garden City”, due to the large number of plants, flowers and roses in it, which gives a beautiful and picturesque view that the visitor enjoys For the city, as is characterized by the abundance of trees covered with trees.
  • Cape Coast Castle: This castle is considered one of the most important stations for the emigration of slaves when the country was a colonial of Britain. The interior contains traces on the walls in green, which are traces of the chains with which they were connecting the slaves in preparation for their deportation. The castle from the inside is dark and from the outside it is white in lime stone. Containing narrow dungeons, they offer a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Mina Castle: Located in southern Ghana, it was built by the Portuguese during the year 1482 AD, as it was the first commercial center in the Sahara of Europe, and the castle was used as a gold station.
  • National Park: This park is located about 20 km north of Cape Coast Castle, surrounded by farms, especially cocoa plantations, and contains many trees and wild animals, and there is a road used by tourists to roam the park, which is (350) meters long and (40) meters high.

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