Giethoorn is a city that is covered in elegance and splendor. Among the Netherlands is the most beautiful because of its wonderful waterways that make boats a means of transportation throughout them, as cars are rare here, and they also have houses of distinctive design with thatched roofs.

Where Netherlands has a charming nature is part of the national park with amazing views and stunning nature, in addition to a distinguished set of tourist attractions and historical attractions, all this and more in one of the most beautiful and most famous land areas in the world, which made it the most important tourist destinations in the Netherlands.

Best of Gethorne hotels

Gethorne Netherlands enjoys a distinguished group of hotels in Austria that overlook the most important tourist attractions and the picturesque nature of the village of Giethoorn, also guaranteed to its guests the finest rooms and suites equipped with the latest facilities and the best services, and during the coming we will review together a selection of the best hotels in Gethorne according to the assessments of Arab visitors And their more

The Yribin Leiden National Park

One of the most beautiful places of tourism in Giethoorn, which is one of the largest parks in northwestern Europe, occupying an area of ​​2500 acres, and it consists of lakes, ponds, and water channels interspersed with vast green areas and reeds basins, in addition to the wonderful forests, in a unique view that delights in Souls.

Among the activities that you can do during this exciting trip, is the ability to rent rowing boats or electric boat to enjoy a fun water excursion and discover this amazing beauty, go experience on hiking paths in paved paths or rugged paths in the woods, or ride bikes in the tracks Equipped with it and many other entertainment and distinction in the heart of Giethoorn in the Netherlands.

Giethoorn Netherlands

Gethorne Olde Museum of Osei

Olde Maat Museum is one of the most important Dutch attractions of Giethoorn, which is characterized by its unique holdings, as it tells the history of this wonderful village, and presents the previous life with all the details of houses and personal stories for its residents.

The museum also includes a documentary hall showing the authentic customs of the village, the fishermen’s house, and a farm, as well as the boats which are the primary means of transportation in the village of Giethoorn Netherlands, in addition to the museum store that provides souvenirs that reveal the history of the village, a distinctive café, and many places That is worth exploring.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

Taman Park Indonesia

An Indonesian experience on the land of Giethoorn Netherlands and one of the most beautiful tourist attractions, which is a garden that includes animals, birds, and plants that live in the region of Indonesia, not only this, but the place offers restaurants that serve delicious Indonesian and Indian dishes, through the music that fills the place You will know the identity of this country.

This park will take you on an interesting journey to the enchanting land of Indonesia, with all the cultures you carry, customs and traditions, as it includes various stores, models of homes and clothes, so everything that surrounds you carries the fragrantness of that distinctive country that sent the holdings of this garden to Netherlands Gethorne.

Dutch Giethoorn

Gloria Maris shop

The most beautiful shopping places and gifts in the Dutch city of Giethoorn, which is distinguished and specializes in products from the deep sea, you will see shells of various sizes and coral reefs in exquisite colors. Home elegance.

In addition to the linen costumes that keep pace with international fashion lines, Gloria Maris also offers pirate hats and many others, as this collection of exhibits varies according to the tourist seasons, so you cannot miss souvenirs for your loved ones during this fun tour.

Gethorne Village

Kerms on Circus Museum

It is one of the best landmarks in the city of Giethoorn in the Netherlands, but rather the most specialized museums This museum narrates the history of exhibitions and circuses throughout the ages, and also includes a small circus that offers the most beautiful and interesting shows loved by everyone through a group of professional players, to give joy to the soul.

The museum also includes many entertainment for children, between attending live performances on the stage, and the safe play area designated for them. All family members will inevitably have fun in this delightful place.

Dutch Giethoorn

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