Tourism in Greece

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Places to visit in Greece

Greece is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It is famous for its famous sandy beaches and ancient ruins. It contains seventeen sites classified among the World Heritage sites in UNESCO, and among the most famous places to visit in Greece:

Santorini Island

Santorini Island is considered one of the most famous places in Greece, where it is famous for its villages suspended on a cliff of white houses, with ceilings with blue domes, and cobbled paths, overlooking the turquoise sea, and was voted as the best island in the world for travel and entertainment in 2010.

The city of Thessaloniki

It is the second largest city in Greece, and one of the best party cities in the world where festivals and social events are held frequently, and is also famous for its artists, musicians, world-class poets, and beautiful beaches, as well as features of art and ancient Byzantine architecture, along with Modern buildings.


Athens is the capital of Greece, and is the modern center of cultural, economic, industrial and political activities in Greece. It is also home to many ancient monuments, archaeological sites, shopping places, dozens of high-quality museums, ancient Plaka neighborhoods, and Monastiraki ancient city. Access to all Greek islands through the port of Piraeus located in it.

The time to visit Greece

July and August are considered to be the busiest months in Greece, as they enjoy the ideal weather for outdoor activities and daily trips, and in case the person wants to explore many natural wonders in Greece, and enjoy a tour of the city of Athens, one can visit Greece Between April and October, but if he wants to swim, he prefers to travel to it from mid-May to September, when the temperatures are warm, and appropriate.


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