Tourism in Grindelwald

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Jungfraujoch Mountain

This mountain is the destination of more than two million people every year, because it contains the highest European train station located at an altitude of 3453 meters, as the train that climbs to Kleine Scheidegg makes the visitor who rides on it discover a group of views The scenic Mount Aletsch coupled with an endless ripple of the highest alpine peaks, where people who want to visit this region are advised to wear warm clothes as well as sturdy shoes.

Mount Aiger Road

A visitor can go on this tour in order to reach the northern part of the famous Mount Aeger, as this road directs the visitor towards the steep slopes on board this mountain, and he will have the opportunity to see a group of interesting views related to Mount Monk ( In English: Mönch Mountain) and Jungfrau Mountain, at the end of this road the visitor will have wonderful views of the Grindelwald Valley.

Yonfraujh summit

The summit of Yunfrauch is famous for its beautiful nature in addition to its cultural heritage, as it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and it is considered one of the most beautiful places on the surface of the earth, where the visitor will find a set of hiking trails along with many waterfalls, many mountain peaks, and is considered Searching for isolation is a relatively difficult issue in this region, due to the fact that many tourists come to it for most of the year.


Grosse Scheidegg, located between Grindelwald and Meiringen, offers unique scenes of glaciers, and provides a unique experience for visitors in the field of cycling, and it should be noted that the area is car-free except for the famous yellow vehicles (English: PostBuses ).


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