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Hallstatt or Hallstatt, located in western Austria, which is a mountainous rural city, classified as a World Heritage, and is a reserve located under the shadow of UNESCO, and the Austrian city of Hallstatt is one of the distinctive tourist areas in Austria.

The Austrian city of Hallstatt is characterized by its great attraction to foreign tourists from all over the world, and throughout the year, due to the abundance of tourist facilities in it, from various landmarks, hotels and various activities between skiing, fishing and hiking, amidst unparalleled scenic views.

Best Hallstatt hotels

We take great care of hotels, seeking to provide all the accurate and important information, to make it easy for the visitor to choose the best hotels in Hallstatt.

Austrian Hallstatt includes many high-end hotels, and we have provided you with a comprehensive guide about the best hotels in Hallstatt, which has the highest reviews by visitors, especially in terms of location, in order to enjoy a wonderful experience, and return the best memories of tourism in Hallstatt .. Read more

Tourism in Hallstatt - Tourism in Hallstatt

The best tourist places in Hallstatt

We put in your hands in this article the most important tourist attractions in Hallstatt Austria, to have a wonderful experience throughout your stay in the village of Hallstatt Austrian.

Lake Hallstatt

Lake Hallstatt is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hallstatt, located on its banks many restaurants arenas, and many Hallstatt hotels that have a charming view of the lake.

You can enjoy a tour through the boats available in the lake, as well as you can experience diving or fishing, or enjoy walking on the edge or lying down and taking pictures of the magic of nature … Read more

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Dachstein Mountain in Hallstatt

Al-Jubail is located in heights between 2000 to 3000 meters, which is more attractive to ski lovers in the winter, and it is also a nature hiking resort overlooking the Austrian village of Hallstatt .. Read more

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World Heritage Museum

The Austrian Hallstatt includes the World Heritage Museum, a museum that immerses you in the depth of history. This museum shows you the historical dimension of the village, with artifacts dating back to the Iron Age, that is 5000 BC, it is indeed a landmark worth visiting.

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Five fingers platform

It is a platform formed in the form of five fingers, erected on the edge of the highest summit overlooking the lake of the Austrian village of Hallstatt, accessed by cable car, to enjoy the best view as if flying in the sky of Hallstatt Austria.

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The huge ice cave

Among the most important activities that stimulate tourism in the Austrian Hallstatt are the caves in them, the depth of this ice cave extends to 1174 meters, and it is the only ice cave found in Europe, with frozen waterfalls that formed between the rocks, carved amazing shapes in different colors, and the caves are considered one of the most important tourist attractions.

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