Tourism in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the important tourist places, where the tourist feels great pleasure when traveling in its streets that are characterized by congestion, it is more than just a port city, and is characterized by many things, the most important of which is the spread of Chinese and Western culture, in addition to the colonial character and ancient temples in it, and is characterized by the presence of many It is located between the skyscrapers, which controls its skyline and other places.

Tourism in Hong Kong

There are many attractions in Hong Kong:


Hong Kong is distinguished by the presence of many skyscrapers in it compared to other countries in the world, the majority of which are concentrated on the northern shore of the island, and is characterized by its high elevations that lead to catching the breath of those who look at it, and the tourists can see the buildings of this city through the most beautiful picture, they are from Places to visit.

Dae Dong Bae

It is a street located near food stalls, and is characterized by the presence of two seats, and it contains restaurants that offer many dishes such as: a pasta dish, rice, in addition to the main meals that have a distinct flavor, in addition to the presence of seafood most of the time, but in recent years Taxes have been imposed on them, because they are not commensurate with the efforts being made to make this city clean and pollution-free.

Buddha temple

Hong Kong is distinguished by the presence of many temples that are interesting and admired by many, and among these distinguished temples is the Buddha Temple, which is composed of nine floors, in addition to the presence of a large number of statues that belong to the statues of the Little Buddha, and the number is estimated at 12,000 thousand statues, which exist In the new territories, which are beautiful and worth a visit.

Mong Kok Markets

This market is one of the distinguished places to visit in Hong Kong, and it is suitable for people looking for bargaining, and the most important offers in it is the women market, which is characterized by the presence of women’s clothing, in addition to the presence of various souvenirs, and this market is much better than the market The effective golden zoo, which is located in the side streets, in addition to the presence of the market for birds, which the tourist can see the birds and is present in their cages.

Ocean park

It is distinguished by its location on the southern side of Hong Kong, and it is one of the major parks on the level of Southeast Asia, in addition to that it contains a special center for marine education, which is considered one of the best centers, and an area of ​​about one hundred and seventy acres, as well as one of the major parks worldwide.


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