Ifrane or as they call it Switzerland Morocco, Morocco is one of the tourist attractions in Morocco, located between the cities of Fez and Meknes with a long history, while it is dominated by a picturesque nature that appears in its parks, forests, waterfalls, and snowy mountains, casting shadows on its traditional houses and luxury hotels.

Best Ifrane hotels

In addition to the most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane, the city of Ifrane owns a series of the finest hotels in Morocco, offering a distinct level of services that suits the needs and capabilities of all levels. It also has a striking appearance that blends European beauty with the authentic eastern spirit, so we review with you the best hotels in Ifrane …

The most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane

The most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane

During the following lines, we shed light on the most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane that can be visited during tourism in Morocco.

Lake Dia Awa

One of the most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane, which is 17 km away, as it enjoys a picturesque, calm nature that encourages recreation, and it is also an ideal destination for family outings with children.

When you visit, you can go fishing as the lake is known for its dagger and take a boat tour with the family while feeding ducks swarms or horse riding on the shores of the lake while taking the most amazing photographs for the trip.

The most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane

Virgin Falls “Eye Vital”

It is one of the places that you should not miss when planning tourism in Ifrane if you are looking for a breathtaking atmosphere that gives you the highest doses of recreation and activity with the scenic nature of nature, where the water rushing strongly from the top of the slope and crashing with its huge rocks while enjoying the view of the surrounding forests in an unparalleled roaming safari trip .

Surrounded by waterfalls, the forest area is 3 km from the city center of Ifrane Morocco.

The most beautiful tourist places in Ovran

City center

One of the most important tourist places in Ifrane is one of us who goes on tourism to a place without visiting its center and the main spot in it, and in the ovens of Morocco this spot acquires importance and distinction that made it a copy of the European Alpine countries.

Where the huge carved fountains and European-style homes with sharp pointed ceilings and wooden windows and illuminated trees at night, as well as restaurants and cafes spread throughout the region, you can taste traditional Moroccan food and delicious Moroccan tea during your tour.

The best tourist places in Ifrane

Cedar Guru Forest

Cedar Guru Forest is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane for those looking for a quiet atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city where enjoy a free outdoor tour between the jungle paths with wide areas of tall trees with mountain biking.

The most beautiful tourist places in Morocco, Ifrane

Kuro Tree

One of the most exciting attractions that you can visit when visiting in Ifrane, where the cedar tree is classified as the oldest of its kind in Africa, with a lifespan of approximately 800 years. Forget.

The most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane

Big Lion Statue

One of the most important tourist places in Ifrane, as it attracts the attention of visitors to it from everywhere thanks to its wide fame, accuracy, beauty of its sculpture and the related stories and legends. It is a huge statue of a lion sitting relaxed in the city of Ifrane dating back to the era of the thirties.

Tourist areas in Ifrane

Ifrane National Park

One of the most beautiful tourist places in the ovens, which are popular with children, families, and wildlife enthusiasts, it is the largest national park in Morocco’s ovens, which includes thousands of animals and various wild plants on an area of ​​approximately 500 km.

You can see animals and birds in their natural environment and see rare and endangered species such as the Barbary Macaque monkey, enjoy the scents of flowers and trees that span large areas with the beauty of lakes, while documenting these scenes and moments with the camera.

Tourist places in Morocco's ovens

Ifrane Market

It is a local, non-tourist market but provides a great opportunity to mix with the indigenous people and their culture and buy the best handcrafted souvenirs such as textiles and jewelery with the smartest Moroccan spices.

The most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane

Michelin Ski Resort

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane, if it enjoys wide popularity among the local residents and foreign visitors during the winter season, as the area 17 km from the city has slopes covered with snow every winter that tempts you to practice skiing, especially with the availability of equipment and training centers, along with a chain It is a high-end resort.

The most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane

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