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Tourism in Jubail

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The city of Jubail is located in the eastern side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is also located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. There are many aspects of tourism in Jubail. The city is divided into three sections: “Jubail Industrial City, Jubail Al Balad, and Jubail Al Tahlia”.

The city of Jubail Saudi Arabia is characterized by an abundance of beaches such as: Palm Beach and Al Fanateer Beach. It is also a large industrial city that contains many different ports and factories.

Best hotels in Al Jubail

The city of Jubail Saudi Arabia includes many distinguished hotels, we brought to you in the article the best hotels in Jubail that received great reviews from Arab visitors.

Tourism in Jubail - Tourism in Jubail

Tourism in Jubail

In our article, we will learn about the best tourist places in Jubail:

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is characterized as one of the largest and most beautiful beaches of the city of Jubail, as it includes vast areas of green land scattered over the entire beach, which gives an attractive appearance to it, and it holds some annual festivals such as the flower festival, where the beach turns like a painting painted with colorful flowers.

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1581413189 68 Tourism in Jubail - Tourism in Jubail

Fanateer Beach

Fanateer beach is one of the modern beaches in the city of Jubail, so it was developed to increase the proportion of tourism in Jubail, where it has many vital facilities and services, and it also has the best types of tourism in the city of Jubail, the tourism of recreational games that spread on the beach.

1581413189 890 Tourism in Jubail - Tourism in Jubail

Al Dafi Park

The Duffy Park is one of the most beautiful and prestigious tourist places in Jubail, where the dense trees are spread over it, which gives the impression of it as if it were a large forest characterized by many green spaces scattered on the sea coast, and the decorations of the park were designed in a distinct rural style.

1581413189 674 Tourism in Jubail - Tourism in Jubail

Water Canal Park

In preparation for the activation of tourism in Jubail, a water canal park has been built, which features all modern equipment and designs, in the center of the park is the main water canal that is used to drain excess torrents. The park contains many trees and is a main destination for migratory birds in the winter and spring.

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1581413189 178 Tourism in Jubail - Tourism in Jubail

Jubail Reserve

The Jubail Reserve was built after the end of the Kuwait war, in order to detect the percentage of oil pollution on the Arabian Gulf coast and to preserve the marine neighborhoods in this important region. When you go to tourism in Jubail, you can visit the Jubail Reserve that contains a large group of wildlife, rodents, birds and invertebrate animals.

1581413189 731 Tourism in Jubail - Tourism in Jubail

Jubail Corniche

The Jubail Corniche extends along the sea coast, where it is characterized by the presence of some vetiver trees that give it a unique tourist appearance, as it contains a group of luxurious chalets, and facilities are spread on the Corniche that provides excellent services for tourists and residents of the city.

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Corniche, good neighborhood Jubail

The Corniche, a good locality, is considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Jubail, as it is considered the newest Corniche that was built in the city of Jubail, Saudi Arabia, where it is characterized by its cleanliness, its large size and the presence of multiple parking spaces, as it is characterized by the presence of facilities spread on the sea coast, such as large parasols to protect from the burning sun.

1581413189 980 Tourism in Jubail - Tourism in Jubail

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