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Karlovy Vary

This city was founded in 1370 and is located in the west of Prague and returns most of the architecture in it to the eighteenth and nineteenth century. It is also known as a city of resorts that many visitors come to enjoy the treatments it offers, along with a group of springs with therapeutic properties that work on Pain and stress treatment.

Tourism in Karlovy Vary

Column Mill

The period between 1871 to 1881 is considered to be the period in which this mill was built along with a group of statues that provide a description about the months of the year, and it is considered one of the most impressive examples of architecture in this region, and it is said that in 1711 Peter the Great remained Peter the Great is across the street from the restaurant currently in this area.

Mary Magdalene Church

You know that it is one of the most important Catholic churches besides being one of the largest Baroque buildings, where the history of this luxurious building dates back to the year 1730, and this church has a basement located below the surface of the earth, along with the massacre, and a warehouse containing the bones of the dead for an eighteenth-century cemetery.

Kaiserbad Spa

The appearance of broken paint and cracked walls in addition to the creaks from the floors give this legendary building a feeling as if it is haunted as well as making it closer to the sanatorium. Emaar This resort known as Kaiserbad, and this place attracts many people belonging to the noble class from all over the world, and this resort is located around the many hot springs in the city, in addition to Owning many facilities such as hot and cold baths, mineral baths in addition to a dedicated massage area and an electric therapy area. This building was closed in 1994; this is due to the deterioration of its internal structure, but since 2010 it became available to visitors from ten o’clock Morning until six o’clock in the evening.

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