Tourism in Kashmir

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There are many beautiful and touristic places scattered around the world, but they are of little fame because of their lack of promotion by their government or because of their remote location, and from those places Kashmir, which is located in the Asian continent between each of China, Pakistan and India, and an area of ​​242 thousand square kilometers And inhabited by nearly fifteen million people, according to a statistic conducted in the year 2000 AD, and most of its inhabitants convert to the Islamic religion by 90%, while the rest are converting to the Hindu and Buddhist religion, and Kashmir has suffered from many wars and disputes between it and the neighboring countries, so it was called This is called the explosion point.

Tourism in Kashmir

Kashmir was distinguished by its distinctive green and snowy nature, so tourists visit it throughout the months of the year.

The most important tourist places

In Kashmir there are many places worth visiting, including one:

  • Bahu Fortress: It is located in the city of Jammu, five kilometers from the main city, and the fort was distinguished by its construction in the foot, and it contains a temple dedicated to the worship of the god Kali.
  • Jammu City: It is a city where the temples abound for different religions, in which the Vishnu Temple is considered the most important façade for tourists, so it collects annual revenues estimated at ten million dollars.
  • The city of Sri Najjar: It is a city that contains a large lake and wonderful green gardens in addition to river slopes, and the lake offers the ability to ride dhows for tourists, which increases the demand for them.
  • Crackorm mountain ranges: It is a high mountain and extending to Afghanistan, and there are many crossings in the mountains to facilitate access.
  • Nishat Garden: It is a beautiful garden characterized by green herbs that extend all over it in addition to tall trees, and tourists go to it to relax and to have a rest.
  • Lake WallarIt is one of the largest lakes in Kashmir, and it is characterized by being surrounded by mountain ranges from all directions, and the area of ​​the lake is 8 x 26 meters, and three watercourses flowing from the surrounding mountains flow into it.
  • Anantag Production Area: It has a number of clear water springs, so it is preferable for the tourist to go there to enjoy the pure water and the wonderful appearance.
  • Lake Mansapal: The beautiful thing about this lake is that it contains lotus flowers that float on its face in the summer.
  • Lake Nagin: It has many distinctive water games, and it overlooks dense gardens called chachar.


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