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Kochi is located on the southwestern coast of the Indian peninsula, famous for the name of Kochi Arnakulam. It has an area of ​​approximately 309.22 km2, and a population of about 342,944 people. It occupies an important commercial, economic and cultural place, as it is a stock exchange, and there is the only stock exchange in Kerala And it has a federal bank and the largest civilizational gathering in India, in addition to that it is supplied with clean water, electricity, excellent banking facilities, and many others, and is famous for producing many materials, most notably spice, and it is ranked sixth as the best tourist destination in India, and first in terms of The number of international tourists and local in the state of Kerala, and you will learn about in this article on tourism in Kochi, and tourist attractions there.

Tourism in Kochi

It is a city full of life, where we find many picturesque and charming views, in addition to its strategic location and easy access to it, and it is called many of the names, the most famous of which is called the Arabian Sea, the Paradise of Tourists, and many others, and is characterized by the presence of many mangroves, to Beside the magical view that results from the view of coconut fruits that is reflected in the clear, transparent waters, in addition to that it contains many wonderful tourist attractions, which are churches, fortresses, cathedrals, and many others.

The most important tourist places in Kochi

There are many tourist places that attract tourists in Kochi. We mention the following:

  • Fort Kochi: It is located along an area of ​​13 km2 from Artakulam, and is famous for its Chinese fishing nets industry, its picturesque beaches, as well as its buildings of amazing architectural style and European style.
  • Mattancherry Palace: It is considered one of the most charming places in the city, and it has a wonderful and attractive design.
  • The Jewish Temple: It is located in Mattenchery, and it is called the Jewish city. It was built in 1568 AD and is considered one of the oldest active synagogues in the world.
  • St. Francis Church: It was built in 1503 AD by Portuguese merchants, and has a wonderful design.
  • Willingdon Island: It is a man-made island, created from sand in 1933 AD under the supervision of Sir Robert Presto, and contains a modern port, and is easily accessible, it is close to Cochin Airport, overlooking the sea, and close to the railway station.
  • History Museum: Located in Kerala, it is a unique and charming museum and cannot be compared with other museums, as it uses light and sound technology to tell the history of the earth, and it shows wonderful pictures rich in information.

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