المسافرون العرب

Tourism in Korea

Tourism in South Korea

The number of tourists in South Korea reached thirteen million tourists during the year two thousand and fifteen; traveling to South Korea is a pleasure, and a unique experience of its kind, and the autumn season is considered the ideal time to visit it, as the rains stop, and the temperatures drop, not to visit Korea Southern in the rest of the year, because it is highly humid, and in other periods it is subject to monsoons and hurricanes, and this hinders travel to it, and enjoying an interesting trip in it.

Tourist attractions in South Korea

South Korea’s tourist attractions vary from rural, mountainous, and recreational areas, and the most important of these areas are:

  • A group of national parks spread throughout South Korea, as well as distinctive golf courses.
  • The eastern mountains are popular for skiing enthusiasts, and winter sports.
  • The lively city of Seoul at night, which contains a distinguished collection of museums, palaces, and historical monuments.
  • It is the Korean countryside which includes a large group of Buddhist temples.
  • The scenic Jeju Resort is a destination for all nature lovers, and water sports.

Tourism in North Korea

North Korea is considered a secret country. There is a specific list of what is allowed to take pictures of it by visitors, in addition to that the independent travel in it is not allowed, so the tourist must be accompanied by tour guides accredited to or by the spring, by the state, by the spring Fall is one of the best times of the year to travel to this country, and here are some of the most important tourist places in North Korea:

  • Pyongyang It is the capital of North Korea, which is characterized by the beautiful architecture of its buildings, and it contains a unique set of wonderful historical monuments, in addition to the statues of the Korean President Km Il-sung, its large theater, the Arc of Victory, and the gates of Pyongyang.
  • North Korea’s Natural Areas: North Korea is distinguished by its diverse nature, including seas and rivers, such as the Amnok River, in addition to its beautiful plains and wonderful mountains.

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