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Tourist places in Kuala Lumpur

Tourism has flourished in recent decades in Malaysia, especially its capital, Kuala Lumpur, due to the great interest of the government in the development of the tourism sector, and the efforts made to encourage and stimulate tourism in the country, as it has attracted a large number of Arab and foreign tourists from different parts of the world, and Kuala Lumpur is distinguished as being the most important city In Malaysia because of its urban and economic development, despite the nature of the city that is full of movement and activity throughout the hours of the day, it is wrapped in vast areas of green nature that provide calm and relaxation for its pioneers, and here are the most tourist areas Visit in Kuala Lumpur.

al Arab street

This street was called the Arab Street because most of the Arab activities are in its shops and commercial centers, and the Arab Street is considered one of the most active and vital streets among the rest of Kuala Lumpur streets, and there are abundant stores of this Arab character, such as restaurants, oud shops and cafes, which are known among the local people by their names Arabia such as Al Tarboush Restaurant, Nabab, the Desert Tent, and other tourist offices that are distributed on the outskirts of the street. Arab Street also contains a number of hotels classified within the category of five stars, and a number of mega commercial centers that include a number of the most famous shops specialized in selling International brands, and a number of electronics stores. Most of the shops are open on this street 24 hours, so the square can enjoy eating in Arab restaurants at any time.

Chinese market

One of the popular markets most visited by local residents and tourists in Kuala Lumpur, where goods of all kinds extend along several streets, and the market is often crowded with buyers, which makes movement difficult in it, but it represents a pleasure for tourists because it contains unique and distinctive goods, in addition to the possibility Merchants joints around the price, as there is next to the Chinese market a market specialized in selling handicrafts and local industries, which represent distinct gifts for friends and relatives, it is important to be careful when buying and monitor the difference in prices between stores, where tourists are often cheated in prices in these markets n Because of their ignorance of currency and prices.

Kuala Lumpur Grand Mosque

It is characterized by being the largest mosque for Muslims in Kuala Lumpur, and has been designed and built in a way that is distinct and strange from other mosques, as it is a mixture of Moroccan, Indian and Mughal engineering, where its domes come in a winding way, and the mosque is located near the old train station, which makes it easy to walk from the station.

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