Tourism in Kyrgyzstan

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The Alai Valley

Watching the snow-capped mountain peaks along the southern side of the Alai Valley is an unforgettable sight for a visitor, especially when clouds rise above them, and this valley is located between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan between two parallel mountains that lie between them, and is currently considered a home to the Kyrgyz herders who bring their cows , Their sheep, and their horses to pasture in it in summer to be fed.

Tash Rabat

There are many khans that were found along the ancient roads such as the Silk Road, and among these ancient khans is the Tash Rabat, which travelers were arriving after crossing the dangerous Torogart pass, where they can rest a little besides providing food or even performing prayers so that they can complete their path Through the Tian Shan Mountains.

It is worth noting here that some historians say that this building was considered a monastery belonging to either the Christian religion or the Buddhist religion before it was converted into the Khan, but there is not enough evidence to support this hypothesis, but for this Khan, which includes three domes in it, the legend says that The reason for this is that there is a father and a son for him who were building in it, and during the construction the son violated his father’s orders and went to salute the convoy that stood near the Khan, and fell in love with a girl in it, and left his father, and because of the father’s grief, he did not complete the construction of this dome, And left a group of small holes.

Burana Tower

This tower is considered a fun place for visitors who love history. They can explore the surrounding area, which contains a group of ancient stone statues, in addition to learning about the artifacts found in the small museum. This tower contains a set of beautiful decorations, which can The visitor can watch it, and he can climb this tower up to the top and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and valley, in addition to the surrounding hills group.


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