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Officially known as the Kyrgyz Republic, it is located in the eastern part of Central Asia, its capital is Bishkek city, it gained independence from the Soviet Union in (1991 AD), most of the surrounding countries have an Islamic majority, as it is bordered on the eastern side by the East Turkestan region of the People’s Republic of China, It is bordered on the western side by the Republic of Uzbekistan, on the north by the Republic of Kazakhstan, and on the southwestern side by the Republic of Tajikistan, and is the second smallest country in Central Asia in terms of area, which is approximately (198.5) thousand square kilometers, and the population there is approximately (5,431,747) Nessma according to T. Estimates for the year (2009).

Terrain and climate

The Kyrgyz Republic enjoys mountainous terrain in most of its regions, as it consists of a high plateau that includes mountain ranges from the northern side and it is a section of the Tianshan Mountains, and in the south there are the Alas Mountains, which have a height of about (7134) meters above sea level, and in the middle is a plain that extends to the plains of Central Asia It includes several river valleys, including: Wadi Nar, Wadi Narin, and Fergana Valley, which enjoys historical fame in the days of the Islamic conquests, and on the north side there is a lake called “Isik Qal” lake.

As for the climate of the region, it is extreme and volatile continental, characterized by extreme cold over the ever-standing highlands of snow on its high peaks, and it is warm in the central plain areas which the mountains constitute its natural protection, and it falls on it in an average way.

Tourist destinations in Kyrgyzstan

There are several tourist destinations in Kyrgyzstan:

  • Auto Square: It is located in the center of the capital, Bishkek, on Prospect Street, and in the statue of the famous leader “Manas”, in addition to Banvo Love Park and the Historical Museum on the same street.
  • Art Museum: It is located in the city of Bishkek on the Sovetskaya Street, which includes many art and antiquities belonging to the city.
  • Russian Drama Theater and Kyrgyz Drama Theater located in Bishkek.
  • Botanical garden: It is located in the city of Bishkek, and it is the largest park in the republic in which more than 2500 types of trees grow and are characterized by its picturesque and wonderful scenery.
  • Osh: It is an ancient historical city, distinguished by its traditional buildings and wonderful designs, and it contains Jabal Nabi Suleiman.
  • Tlass City: It is one of the oldest cities in the republic and it is the birthplace of the Kyrgyz grandfather and the national hero of the region, which is called “Manas”.
  • Alam Al-Din River: Away from the capital, Bishkek, about (40) kilometers, which is a river between two mountains coming from the highest mountains due to the melting of snow, and on its sides many of the swimming pools that belong to the Communist era.
  • Jalalabad City: This city is famous for its picturesque nature and abundant with walnut gardens and hot mineral water.



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