Tourism in Latvia

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Latvia is a small country and may not be known to many, but this country is distinguished by its beauty that makes it a masterpiece, nearly half of this country is green forests, and it has many lakes and rivers, and sandy beaches overlooking the Baltic Sea, and perhaps what distinguishes it is not only its beauty Naturally, it has a long history and wide cultural diversity, and it also has a unique position that has made it coveted by many other countries.

In 1991 AD, this country managed to get rid of the occupation and the invaders who targeted it in order to fall into it, such as a link between the continent of Europe and the Middle East. However, it managed to regain full control and became completely stable and independent.

Tourism in Latvia

In the recent period, the number of tourists heading to this country to enjoy spending unique times between the rich nature and wandering around the country and its wonderful cities has increased. Riga is the capital of Latvia and it is also the most attractive place for tourists, and the reason for this is because it is full of heritage and distinctive historical places that transport visitors to the ages In the past, this city is one of the cities that have been annexed to the UNESCO World Heritage Organization, and in this city many distinct places such as the old village “Old Town” that contains many historical monuments belonging to the civilizations of the world Different, and the city contains St. Peter’s Church, which was built since 1209 AD.

This church is famous for its unique design; it has a very high tower, and near it is the cathedral known as the Dome, this cathedral is one of the distinctive historical places that were built in 1211 AD, and in the city also there is the building of the black heads which was built in the fourteenth century but it It was destroyed in World War II, and was restored and repaired in 1999 AD to become the temporary seat of the President of the Republic.

The city of Regna contains the Statue of Liberty, which is approximately 42 meters high, and this statue is surrounded by the distinctive Central Park trees. This city also contains a national opera house that was built since 1863 AD, and in the old time the opera house was known as the Roman theater until it was renovated and repaired In the year 1955 AD.

The old town includes many beautiful tourist places such as the Russian Drama Theater, which is the oldest of its kind outside the borders of the Russian country, and this theater was built in 1883 AD, and in the old town also many cafes and old hotels, which are among the historical places in the country that contain On some artifacts and paintings that date back to the twenties and thirties of the last century, just as Latvia is the second most ranked country after Switzerland, and its natural forests reach about 45% of the country’s area, and it has about three thousand lakes and 12 thousand rivers.

Among the beautiful cities of Latvia is the city of Sigulda, this city is located near the Goya Plain; this city attracts many tourists as it includes more than 500 historical tourist attractions such as forts built over the hills, ancient palaces, and churches that were built in the Middle Ages, as well as in This city is equipped with places for vertical flying, and places to jump from forty meters, and has places for skiing, which also attracts tourists the beauty of Latvia’s beaches and its distinctive coastal areas, especially the Jurmla region which is the largest city on the Baltic coast and which is an integrated museum.


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