Tourism in Lebanon

المسافرون العرب

Lebanon has a tourism that combines history and amazing natural scenes, where in its nature seas, plains, valleys and mountains meet. As for history, it embraces archaeological sites dating to many civilizations such as Romen, Byzantine, Islamic and others.

Before traveling to Lebanon

Where is Lebanon located? Lebanon is located in the Middle East region, west of the continent of Asia, where it is bordered to the north by Syria, to the south by Palestine, and to the east and west by the Mediterranean

The capital of Lebanon is Beirut and it is the first destination for tourism in Lebanon

Traveling to Lebanon for citizens of the Arab Gulf states and Jordan is through a free visa that is granted at Rafic Hariri Airport, and it authorizes them to stay for a maximum period of 3 months. As for the rest of the countries, they should consult the consulate or the Lebanese embassy in their country.

The official currency in Lebanon is the Lebanese Pound

What are the best travel times to Lebanon?

The best time to visit Lebanon is from March to November

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What is the sufficient period for tourism in Lebanon?

Sufficient period for tourism in Lebanon and a visit to its most important tourist places

Let us now know the most beautiful tourist areas in Lebanon, namely:

Tourism in Beirut

Beirut, the capital, is the most important among the tourism regions in Lebanon, and it is the economic and cultural center of the country. It includes many tourist places and embraces many modern commercial complexes and restaurants that offer the most delicious dishes from the well-known Lebanese cuisine.

The most important tourist areas in Lebanon, Beirut

On this tab you will find a package of tourist places in Lebanon, Beirut, which is worth a visit … Read more

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Jbeil, Lebanon

One of the oldest cities in Lebanon, Byblos is located 37 kilometers north of Beirut, the Lebanese capital

The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lebanon as it is full of archeological sites in Lebanon, in addition to its location on the Mediterranean strip making it an integrated tourist city .. Read more

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The city of Baalbek

The city of Baalbek is one of the most important tourist cities of Lebanon, as it includes a number of the most famous archaeological areas in Lebanon, such as Romen, Phoenician and Islamic monuments, and it also includes a number of important tourist and recreational attractions and other tourist places in Lebanon

The city of Baalbek is located in the middle of the Bekaa Valley, which is known for the green areas covered and covered by the Litani River, which increases the city’s beauty .. Read more

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Jounieh, Lebanon

One of the most important tourist destinations in Lebanon is the city of Jounieh, which is located north of Beirut, the Lebanese capital, and in the governorate of Mount Lebanon. The city has a distinguished geography as the city is surrounded by mountains covered with greenery and vegetation, in addition to its location on the Mediterranean Sea.

Jounieh includes many tourist places in Lebanon, the most important of which is the Jounieh cable car, all of these factors have made Jounieh an important tourist city where it was called the Bride of the Lebanese Beach .. Read more

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The Kfardebian shrine is one of the most important tourist places in Lebanon, which is the largest ski area in the Middle East, one hour away from Beirut, the Lebanese capital.

The Mazar region of Kfardebian includes 42 hills, all of which turn into snow, usually between December and April. During this period, there is a strong turnout from tourists and visitors .. Read more

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