Tourism in Libya

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Libya is located on the African continent, and it is considered a country with an independent democracy. The people are considered a source of authority. The Islamic religion is considered the official religion of the country, and the country derives its legislation from Islamic law.

It is taken from Tripoli as its capital, and its population reaches six million five hundred and ninety seven thousand people, and its area extends to one million and eight hundred thousand square kilometers, and it occupies the fourth place in Africa in terms of area, and seventeen globally.

Libya grants the non-Arabic speaking groups to preserve their linguistic and cultural rights, including these Amazighs, Tabu, and Tuareg, and Libya joins the membership of the League of Arab States, the African Union, the Maghreb Union in addition to the Non-Aligned Movement and other organizations, and Libya consists of three regions It is the territory of Tripoli, Burqa and Fezzan.

Geography of Libya

Libyan land areas extend along the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the northern side of Africa, and it shares international borders with the Arab Republic of Egypt from the eastern side, while from the southeast side it is bordered by the State of Sudan.

It also participates with Chad and Niger from the south side, and is bordered by Algeria on the western side, and Tunisia on the northwestern side. 9 degrees and twenty six degrees.

The Libyan coast is the longest African in Africa, with its view of the Mediterranean Sea extending up to one thousand seven hundred and seventy kilometers in length, as part of the Mediterranean is located in the northern part of the country, and it is called the Libyan Sea, and the country is affected by the desert and semi-desert climate, except for the northern regions. It has a Mediterranean climate and is considered mild.

Administrative divisions in Libya

Statistics in 2006 revealed about Libya’s popularity, which is about twenty-two, and the largest is the Batnan area, amounting to about eighty-four thousand nine hundred and ninety-six square kilometers, and a hundred and fifty-nine thousand five hundred and thirty-six residents reside, followed by Derna.

Tripoli is one of the largest Libyan cities in terms of population, with 1,065,405 people residing in it, and its cities include Benghazi, Misurata and then Al Bayda.

Tourism in Libya

Libya lacks media promotion of tourism, due to the blockade that has taken place in the country. However, tourism started to be active after it began to normalize Libyan relations with the West, in addition to dismantling the air embargo.

The Libyan capital, Tripoli, flourished recently, witnessing an unprecedented urban renaissance that included the establishment of hotels and shopping centers, in addition to the development of road networks and the establishment of Tripoli International Airport, and among the most prominent characteristics of Libya’s tourism:

  • Libya embraces a large number of Roman antiquities, and is considered the largest country in the acquisition of these antiquities after Italy.
  • It has the longest African coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and is about one thousand nine hundred and thirty five kilometers long.
  • Libya includes the largest wonder desert in the world, which is a magnet for amateur tourists on safari trips, including the high-salt lake area of ​​Qabr Aoun in the southwestern side.
  • Possessing beautiful picturesque regions, including the green mountain in the east of the country.
  • It has a historical heritage that mixes Turkish, Italian, Romanian and Greek, especially in all of its Sabrat, Lebda, Talmaitha, Sousse, and others.
  • It has a temperate climate, the Mediterranean climate.
  • It is considered a tourist destination that attracts tourists.
  • The tourism sector is characterized by its great ability to attract investments to achieve balance in the country’s general budget.

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