Tourism in Limassol

المسافرون العرب

Limassol is the second largest city on the island of Cyprus, after Nicosia, the capital, and an important city in its south.

Limassol includes many important marine, coastal, commercial and service centers in the Mediterranean region and is considered the bridge between the Orthodox world in Western Europe and its counterpart in Eastern Europe and Russia, and its strategic location also enriched the history of the city of Limassol.

The city of Limassol, Cyprus is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, and is considered the link between its east and west, bordered to the east by Syria and Lebanon, and to the north by Turkey.

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Tourism in Limassol - Tourism in Limassol

Tourism in Limassol Cyprus

Limassol is one of the most enjoyable tourist trips ever, because of the diversity of its tourism components, whether it is historical Greek and Greek monuments or landscapes represented by picturesque beaches where golden sand and the clear blue color of the sea.

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Now let’s get to know the best places of tourism in Limassol Cyprus:

Limassol Castle

The historic castle, which dates back to the tenth century, during the Byzantines. When you visit it, you find that it has turned into a museum, whose holdings date back to the Middle Ages, including military relics, and it is one of the most famous tourist places in Limassol, Cyprus.

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Colossi Castle

The ancient Colossian Castle is one of the most famous tourist places in Cyprus Limassol, located 14 km west of Limassol on Paphos city road.

The castle has many monuments around it and has preserved its exterior shape and interior rooms.

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Amathus traces

Amathus monuments are located 11 km east of the city of Limassol and is one of the most famous monuments in Cyprus.

It is one of the kingdoms of the ancient city of Cyprus and its construction dates back to 1100 BC.

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Limassol Park

It is the largest park in the city of Limassol and one of the most beautiful tourist places in Limassol, the park includes many recreational facilities suitable for adults and children, and the park also includes a museum of natural sciences and an animal park.

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Fasouri Watermania Water Park

Fasouri Watermania Park in Limassol, is the largest water park in Cyprus characterized by including the largest swimming pool in Europe, and the park was rewarded for its very distinguished facilities in 2007. It is considered one of the most important entertainment places in Limassol.

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