Tourism in Lucerne

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Tourism in Lucerne

Lucerne is located in Switzerland and is surrounded by the Swiss Alps, especially the Pilatus and Reggae Mountains. It also contains a railway station that can be reached by other locations in Switzerland and some international destinations. The city can be reached through Zurich International Airport, in addition to that many museums can be visited And medieval tourist sites such as:

  • Glacier Garden.
  • Swiss Transportation Museum.
  • Museum of Modern Art.
  • Picasso Museum.
  • Richard Wagner Museum.
  • Lucerne Historical Museum.

Places of interest in Lucerne

Old town

The old town of Lucerne dates back to the Middle Ages, with its old walls, towers, and fifteenth century buildings with painted façades and two covered bridges. Kapellbrücke Bridge is the most famous landmark in this region.

Rosengart Museum

The Rosengart Museum focuses on classical modernity, and includes many exceptional works that are selected and collected by collectors. This museum has gained a great international reputation for owning large collections of Picasso and Klee works, in addition to many other artists such as Monet, Cézanne, Bonnard, Leisure, and many others.

The Lion Monument

The Lion Monument is one of the most exciting monuments for tourists dating back to the nineteenth century. It was carved by Lucas Ahorn and is 10 meters long. It is a statue of a lion meth sculpted in the face of the rock in 1820 AD to commemorate the Swiss soldiers who died during the defense of King Louis Sixteenth during the French Revolution.

Burbaki Panorama Museum

The Bourbaki Panorama Museum has been ranked among the most famous tourist attractions in Switzerland for more than 130 years, as it contains a large circular painting of the artist Eduard Caster immortalizing the distinctive events in Swiss history, and this image also provides a unique visual experience to get to know The individuals you are talking about.


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