Tourism in Macedonia

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Macedonia is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Europe, and not all of them have been discovered yet, and what distinguishes it most is its nature because it includes rivers and lakes, and its climate and traditions are varied, so I took something from Albania and something from Turkey and the rest of the Mediterranean countries, and this encouraged many people On her visit for tourist purposes in addition to containing a group of places and tourist areas, the most prominent of which are the following:

Tourism in Macedonia

This is a list of the most important tourist places in Macedonia:

  • Verlo Cave: It is the deepest underwater cave in the entire world, located on the right side of the Trica River.
  • Ohrid Lake: The most beautiful lake in Macedonia is distinguished by its beauty, cleanliness of its waters, and the tranquility of its region, which is old and varies in the flora and fauna, and tourists and fishermen come to it from different regions of the world.
  • Skopje: It is internationally affiliated with UNESCO and is called the Pearl of the Balkans or the Kingdom of Light and Water because it overlooks a beautiful lake and includes many tourist places that visitors come to in addition to clubs, bars, and churches, and there is also nature and trees that are permeated with areas designated for walking only.
  • Stone bridge: It is located above the Vardar River, which is located in Skopje, and this bridge is a symbol of the capital, and it is linked to Macedonia Square and the old neighborhoods in the city.
  • Lake Marvo: It is called this name because it is located in an area called Marfrovo, and this lake is used for swimming, fishing and boating.
  • Samuel Castle: It dates back historically to the era of Samuel, who was present in the Middle Ages specifically to the fourth century BC, and was established by the second Macedonian king Philip.
  • Marco Castle: It is not known when this castle was built, but according to many monuments, it dates back to the Middle Ages, and is located in close proximity to a city called Prilep.
  • Skopje Arches: It is the only and main channel in Macedonia, which was built in the form of a structure specifically made of stone and brick, and this channel remained in use until the eighteenth century AD.

Religious monuments

These are the most important and prominent religious monuments in Macedonia:

  • Saint Sophia Church: Specifically located in the city of Ohrid, it is characterized by its archaeological sites that reflect the ancient architecture that spread in the Middle Ages.
  • Stone city: It includes more than a hundred and twenty columns made of stone, and this is the reason for naming, and these stones were not formed by human action, but rather were the result of natural environmental factors such as erosion processes.
  • Saint Pendleton Monastery: This monastery was used to teach the alphabet so that students could translate the Bible into the Slavic language that was widespread, and the monastery is located on a hill overlooking a lake in the city of Ohrid, where Orthodox Christians gather specifically to celebrate festivals and prayers.


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