Tourism in Madeira Portugal. Madeira Portugal is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and Arab travelers give you the best tourist places in it.

Tourism in Madeira, Portugal.

Tourism in Madeira PortugalTourism in Madeira Portugal, Dear tourist, if you want to spend a wonderful trip in the arms of nature where the charming landscapes to get rest and tranquility and distance from the pressures you should definitely visit Madeira Portugal island. Found in the Atlantic Ocean, it was discovered in 1419 AD by Portuguese navigators, it is named after the name Madeira, which means wood due to its abundance of wood.

Traveling to Madeira Island Portugal .. Find out the best times to visit Madeira Island ..

Find out the best times to visit Madeira IslandLearn the best times to visit the island of Madeira, the tourist. The permanent spring prevails in Madeira. The temperature is moderate throughout the year, so I go to it at any time to see different animals and plants and spend pleasant times in the virgin nature.

“Funchal, the capital” … the best tourist places in Madeira, Portugal.

  Funchal's capitalThe capital Funchal When you visit Madeira Portugal, it is necessary to spend time in the beautiful capital Funchal, despite its smallness but it is a distinctive tourist destination where beautiful homes and the market that everyone likes is in the old town of the island so when you visit you can get to know the local people closely And buy different food items, such as fresh fish and fruits, and of course, buy souvenirs, especially handmade products, and do not miss out on the “Roa de Anta” street, as it is an open air exhibition. One of the best recreational activities that you can do is to take a cable car lane Take you to the beautiful botanical garden to spend the best times in it and also visit the Monti Palace and take souvenir photos of these wonderful moments.

“Island tour” .. Tourist places in Madeira, Portugal ..

  Island tour We advise you, dear tourist, to rent a car and go on a tour to explore the island, the island has an area of ​​about 750 square kilometers, but it has a lot of tourist attractions, so you should explore it and take memorial photos next to it, especially the areas in the north of the island. You should visit the rugged slopes if you are A fan of adventure, but be careful with your moves so as not to be harmed and you have to wear comfortable shoes to be able to climb the mountains and take memorial pictures beside the hills that are filled with banana trees, they have a wonderful beauty and colorful flowers.

“Visiting Levada” .. the best tourist places in Madeira, Portugal.

It is considered one of the most beautiful natural places that you can visit on the island, and it is a traditional irrigation canal on the island, and it works to fetch water from the mountains, of course you will like the plants that fill the mountains and curves, which gives the place a wonderful aesthetic touch.

“Madeira Aquarium” .. the most important tourist attractions in Madeira Island, Portugal ..

Madeira AquariumMadeira Azizi Aquarium, the tourist is one of the best tourist activities that you can do is to visit Madeira Fish Island, it is a great tourist destination for adventure lovers, so you can dive into waters estimated at 500 thousand liters of different fish. Outside to diving and how to use underwater breathing equipment, your kids will certainly enjoy seeing you among these wonderful marine creatures and they have to take pictures of you.

“Volcanic rocks” .. the most important places of tourism in Madeira, Portugal.

There is in the village “Porto Moniz” in the northwest of the island, it is a natural swimming pools filled with sea water in the volcanic rocks that surround the sea, it is a wonderful natural experience that you will surely like “in the village of Porto Moniz.

“Parachute Landing” .. places of tourism on Madeira Island, Portugal ..

  ParachutingWe recommend you, dear tourist, to experience skydiving if you are a fan of adventure and experience everything new, skydiving has a great pleasure among the fertile valleys and charming slopes, when you jump you will get a wonderful view of the mountains and highlands.

“Boat tour to see island whales” .. Tourist places in Madeira, Portugal ..

Madeira Island is famous for the diversity and richness of its marine life, so we find different types of dolphins and whales, as the island has about 80 types of mammals found in the world, so you will see dolphins jumping in the water, and you can find yourself passing by the whales so take pictures of these memorable moments.

“Skywalk” .. the best tourist attractions in Madeira island Portugal.

SkywalkSky Walk is a bridge suspended by air between rivers and mountains, which gives it a wonderful aesthetic view that fascinates everyone. Sky Walk is considered the highest island in Sky Walk in Europe and the second place after the Grand Canyon in America, but be aware that you will need to walk at an altitude of 590 meters on A glass floor bridge, which is frightening, visits about 1,800 people a day.

“Laurel tree forest” .. the most beautiful place of tourism in the Madeira island of Portugal ..

It is considered one of the largest laurel forests in the world and you cannot miss it, dear tourist, because it is one of the most beautiful landscapes that you will see on the island. So I take souvenir photos next to it.

“Historic Botanical Garden” .. Tourist places on Madeira Island, Portugal ..

Historical Botanical GardenHistorical Botanical Garden, dear tourist, your trip schedule must include a visit to the Historical Botanical Garden to provide different types of plants, including what you have never seen, and which exploratory missions in the fifteenth century AD have brought from different places around the world such as China, Africa and Japan, ascending to it by televising, so we confirm You will have fun times.

“Slago Monte” ..

It is considered the strangest means of transportation in the world, two people have their quarters in the streets of the island and use their shoes as brakes to deliver visitors from the Monti area to Funchal.

Traveling to Madeira, Portugal .. Learn about the best food on Madeira.

Learn about the most delicious food on Madeira Island Know the most delicious food on the tourist island of Madairazzi due to the geographical location of the island, of course the kitchen is affected by it, so we find the availability of seafood greatly due to its availability, you should eat a dish of seafood, and you must eat delicious tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapples and apples.

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