Tourism in Makadi Bay

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Makadi Bay is an international tourist city located on the Red Sea coast, between Safaga and Hurghada, 35 km south of Hurghada in particular. The city is characterized by its recreational atmosphere and high-end tourist resorts, as it is one of the most important tourist areas in Egypt.

During the article, we will discuss the most important tourist attractions that you can visit during your vacation to Makadi Bay, Red Sea.

Best hotels in Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay includes a group of the finest hotels and resorts overlooking the Red Sea coast, the best among Hurghada hotels as a whole, as they number approximately 15 full-service resorts to meet all tastes and budgets. Perhaps one of the best hotels in Makadi Bay is what we collected for you through this report … Read more

Tourism in Makadi Bay - Tourism in Makadi Bay

The most beautiful sights in Makadi, Hurghada

Makadi Bay may include a few set of tourist attractions and activities compared to many other areas in Egypt and on the Red Sea coast, yet tourism in Makadi City gives you a special atmosphere of excitement and untold pleasure. Perhaps one of the most important landmarks in the city of Makadi Hurghada is what we will show.

Makadi Hurghada Walk

One of the most famous landmarks of the city of Makadi, where a long walk extending along the coast of the sea, where dozens of luxury hotels and resorts overlooking it, you can wet your feet with clear sea water and wander on the white sands while you caress the shallow coral reefs near the beach, which enjoy bright, dazzling and picturesque colors.

1581413439 140 Tourism in Makadi Bay - Tourism in Makadi Bay

The village of Makadi, Hurghada

Among the most important investment projects that were built on Makadi Bay to develop tourism and the movement of tourist attraction in the region, where dozens of stores and service facilities to sell consumer goods, daily necessities, gifts and souvenirs, as well as a bank branch, a pharmacy and a cafeteria.

1581413439 61 Tourism in Makadi Bay - Tourism in Makadi Bay

Makadi Water World

One of the largest and most important amusement parks and water games in Egypt, which overlooks the Makadi Bay in the Red Sea, where swimming pools, pitfalls and water games are suitable for all ages and up to 50 games on an area of ​​about 40 thousand square meters … Read more

1581413439 958 Tourism in Makadi Bay - Tourism in Makadi Bay

Mini Egypt

One of the most wonderful tourist places that can be passed during a visit to the city of Makadi Hurghada, especially if the trip is family and accompanied by school-age children.

Feminine Egypt Makadi Bay serves as a mini museum displaying small figures of up to 30 models on an area of ​​3 km for the most important sights in the different governorates of Egypt, representing the tourist a unique experience as if he visited all these places during his visit to one place only or to determine his next destination after visiting Hurghada, It is one of the special experiences that you must pass when visiting Makadi.

1581413439 370 Tourism in Makadi Bay - Tourism in Makadi Bay

Beaches of Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay has a series of charming beaches along the Red Sea coast where pleasant sunshine all year round, soft white sand, crystal water, the best snorkeling and diving spots among the most beautiful marine creatures, reefs, colorful coral barriers, and other recreational activities, water sports and beach.

For these reasons, Makadi Bay is classified as one of the ideal spots for a marital or family holiday, or even with friends in a relaxing and calm atmosphere with fun and excitement.

1581413439 894 Tourism in Makadi Bay - Tourism in Makadi Bay

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