Tourism in Malaysia in July

المسافرون العرب

An information guide on tourism in Malaysia in July and August, it is one of the largest cities that have recently taken care of tourism and the promotion of distinctive places and natural reserves in it, and it has become almost one of the most popular tourist places in terms of Arab tourists, because of entry to it without a visitor visa, which was allocated to most of the Arab countries, As well as customs and traditions that are very similar to Arab and Islamic customs, Arab travelers help you to roam in the most beautiful places in Malaysia.

Tourism in Malaysia in July

Malaysia is located in the east of the continent of Asia, and it consists of thirteen states with an area of ​​400,000 square kilometers, and it is divided into three different federal regions, and it has maritime borders that link Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia, and maritime and land borders with Thailand, and the capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, but Putrajaya It is the government headquarters of the Federation of Malaysian Territories, with a population of 30 million people. You can enter Malaysia without a visa and stay in it for a full three months, and it is one of the cheapest tourist countries in terms of accommodation and connections.

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Malaysia has a moderate climate throughout the year, which helped attract it, and there is a lot of heritage and customs that distinguished them in Malaysia and also the natural side of the beautiful and picturesque scenery that helps you to relax and enjoy nature in a different and distinct way, and this has led to launching on it the name of Asia, the truth, diversity Its nature reserves, mountains, and distinctive seas helped it a lot in promoting the tourist side to achieve the economic renaissance, which would have gone to establish museums and buildings highlighting the ancient classical monuments of this country, between mosques and temples, developing train networks and transport seemed Vinegar, building skyscrapers, all this made the transfer of Malaysia to the most prominent tourist countries.

The most beautiful tourist places in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

It is the main capital of Malaysia and is in the past it was one of the poorest Malaysian cities, but with the urban and industrial development made it an integrated industrial city and there are twin towers Petronas, which proves the reality of the Malaysian development, built on an altitude of 88 floors, and connects them with a bridge through which you can move from one To the other, and there is also the communication tower that gives Kuala Lumpur a wonderful and picturesque view, inside which the markets and parks were distinguished in its construction, and in these markets there are the latest international brands of the most famous fashion designers, diversified by the presence of different museums, also culminating in Gallat Alor Street, through which you can taste Tasty eating Malaysian and global kitchens in various types of the world, walk around in public gardens gives a unique and distinctive experience to visit this city, such as garden mattresses, animals and flowers.

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Genting Highlands

It is located 40 meters from Kuala Lumpur, from which you can enjoy watching the scenery while you are on a 20-minute ride inside the cart and take through it the most beautiful pictures of the different lakes and they are from the coldest Malaysian regions due to its high altitude from the sea surface, and you can see the distinctive archaeological temple Chin Swee is located on the Genting area, which is one of the isolated and quiet distinct areas, while you can also see the caves that extend on both sides of the forests there, the many mountains that are covered with vast green areas.

George Town

This city is located on one of the Penang Islands, and it is one of the most visited cities, due to the low cost of its hotels, its history, monuments and museums in it due to European colonialism, the most famous of which is the Khukongsi Temple, and it consists of two floors and is decorated with golden decorations and many drawings and distinctive colors There are also museums that include rare monuments such as the Penang Piranakan Museum, which contains a large number of ancient collections belonging to wealthy families, and also the Camera Museum is newly built, which includes various types of cameras throughout the ages.

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It is necessary to go on a one-day trip to Putrajaya, which is characterized by its picturesque and distinctive views that reflect the spirit of Malaysia, and it is one of the most famous landmarks in the Putra Mosque, because it was built inside the artificial lake surrounding it from all sides, and the mosque is located on the Putrajaya Bridge, which is similar to the shape of a ship sail.

Batu Caves

Batu Caves is one of the most important tourist attractions in Malaysia and it is three caves located in the middle of the wonderful Malaysian mountains, and you must climb more than 270 degrees to reach these caves, next to your visit to the golden Hindu deities, and the dark cave.
Besides all that, you can also enjoy the many natural islands rich in the most beautiful beaches there and the most beautiful views of hotels that are inside the sea, including Semporna Island, Borneo Island, Redang Island, Perhentian Islands, Tioman Island, Langkawi Island, Penang Island.

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