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It is one of the European republics located on the Mediterranean Sea, and it is considered one of the smallest countries in the world, and the most densely populated, with an area of ​​approximately 316 square kilometers, and a population of approximately (446,547) people, according to 2013 statistics. The capital of the state is Valletta, and it is considered one of the smallest European capitals, as its area does not exceed (0.8) square kilometers.

Malta is distinguished by its geographical location, as it was occupied by many ancient civilizations such as: Romans, Spaniards, Muslims, Aghlabids, France and Britain. The last occupation of it by Britain, and it became independent from it in (1964 AD), and became a republic in the year (1974 AD). In the year (2004 AD) she joined the European Union. Its inhabitants condemn the Christian Catholic rite.

The most prominent tourist places in Malta

Malta is considered one of the areas that attract tourists from different countries of the world, in order to enjoy the many archaeological and touristic places, and from these places we mention the following:

  • Mellieha: It is a bay called (Mellieha Bay), and it is considered the largest, longest and most popular bay with sandy beach in the islands of Malta. Close to Bob Village and Agata Tower.
  • The castle: This castle is located on the island of Gozo in the region of Victoria, which is represented by its strong fortifications and ancient architecture, where it was built in (1500) BC, and was developed by the Phoenicians and during the era of the Romanians.
  • Hypogeum: This temple is located underground in the city of Paula, and is considered the only temple in the world built underground. The temple consists of rooms, halls and corridors carved into the rocks. The deepest room in the temple is 10.6 meters underground, and visitors are only allowed to enter it after a ticket has been cut; entry is only permitted in limited numbers.
  • Golden Bay: It is considered one of the sandy beaches located on the northwestern coast of Malta, in addition to being one of the most popular areas. There are bed and umbrellas on the plains to enjoy the sun’s heat. There are also some hotels and clubs, and many wholesalers of water sports equipment.
  • Medina: It is an ancient walled city that was fortified by the Phoenicians around 700 BC, as the Arabs and Romans added many fortifications to it. It is called the “Silent City”, and restoration work is underway to restore it, especially palaces.
  • The Cathedral of Saint John: found in the capital, Valletta, and what distinguishes it is Baroque architecture. It was built in (1572 AD), the cathedral from the outside is similar to the castle, and inside it there are many decorative and artistic works, named for this name in relation to Saint John the Baptist who was killed there.

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