Tourism in Manila

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The city of Manila is a city located in the Philippines, located in the continent of Asia, and the city is considered the capital of the Philippines, and inhabited by a large number of people; their number is estimated at more than 14 million people, and its area is 385.5 square kilometers, and is thus the second largest city in the Philippines in terms of area After the city of Quezon City.
The city is considered to have a high economic, social, educational and political center, as well as the main port of the state, and there are many landscapes of forests and rivers, where there are more than 100 parks, which made it the focus of attention of tourists from all over the world.

Tourism in Manila

Many tourists visit the city annually to enjoy its monuments and nature, in addition to the fact that the financial cost of visiting it is considered low. The city visited more than three million tourists in 2012 AD, thus making tourism a good source of income for the state.

The most important sights in Manila

Among the most important tourist attractions in Manila:

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  • Rizal Park: The park is located in the middle of the city of Manila, which is along the Gulf of Manila, and there are many green plants and wonderful herbs, as well as a monument of bronze and granite Rizal, so many tourists visit with their family to spend fun times.
  • Fortress of Santiago: The castle was built by the Spanish by order of the Spanish conqueror Miguel Lopez, and because of the grandeur of the castle building and its magnificent view, many tourists encouraged visiting it; it also overlooks the shrine of Jose Rezual.
  • Malakanang PalaceThe palace is located on the northern bank of the Pasig River located in Manila, and the palace enjoys the presence of many huge halls in it, and there is in the land surrounding the Malaccanang Park full of trees and plants, and there is a golf course near the palace, which made tourists accept to the palace for the variety of views and activities available In it and around it features.
  • Manila MuseumIt is a museum that displays many pottery and ceramic vessels dating back to the thirteenth century AD, as well as displays golden pieces and jewelry belonging to the centuries confined between the tenth century until the fourteenth century, and the museum was displaying the works of international artists such as Picasso, but later took care of the work of local artists.
  • Manila gardens for animals and plantsThe park was established in 1959 AD, and it included more than 12 hangars for the number of 832 animals from 97 different species, and there is a reptile house.
  • Manila Chinese Cemeteries: And there are many shrines for the families who were killed in the year 45 AD by the Japanese army, and characterized by those shrines the way of art and wonderful decoration.

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